The Taz Show Recap – Jericho/Omega Twitter Feud, Gail Kim Retires As Champion, Who’d Be on Taz’s Survivor Series Team? More!

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Block 1:

A listener calls into the show and points out that Prince Puma appears to be done in Lucha Underground, and there are some rumours circulating that he may be on his way to WWE. Taz points out that for those who don’t know, Prince Puma is known as Ricochet on the indie scene and Taz thinks WWE should be all over him since he’s apparently a free agent right now.

He thinks Ricochet could be a huge star in WWE, but only if Vince McMahon allows him to be the same Superstar that fans are accustomed to seeing on the indie scene. If they sign Ricochet, assign him to 205 Live and then make him change his entire style, it’ll be a tough challenge for Ricochet to get over with the WWE Universe.

Taz comments on the recent Twitter feud between Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho, which turned out to be a wrestling angle. Jericho appeared on NJPW television over the week, challenging Omega to a match at Wrestle Kingdom in January at the Tokyo Dome. Taz points out that a lot of fans got worked by this Twitter feud, and he wonders whether shooting angles on Twitter is a good idea or not.

Taz says he knew this feud was a work from the first tweets that were sent out, but some fans were fooled into thinking that these two men legitimately disliked each other. He says that some of these fans appear to be angry with those two performers after they realized it was a work, and he doesn’t think the fans should be mad at Jericho or Omega. Those guys have to sell tickets and they’re very good at doing that.

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