Nia Jax Explains Her Recent Absence from WWE

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Nia Jax recently spoke with The Mirror about her time on the main roster and her recent absence from WWE.  Here are some highlights from the interview:

Their impact during their short time on the main roster: “Yeah we didn’t think that, we didn’t think it would come this far. Lex [Alexa] is just a shooting star right now, it’s crazy. She is on fire. We didn’t expect that in NXT at all. It’s very humbling and we’re honoured. Hopefully it continues.”

Nia Jax’s time away from WWE: “Thank you. Well actually I had live events off for the last couple of weeks because that’s just how it worked out, for cycling and stuff, so I got a little rest from TV because I wasn’t in anything storyline-wise, so I had a little rest there. But yeah, it’s been great. I love what we do, I love the storytelling, especially being such a different character and obviously a different size than everybody, we get to play on that and it’s always cool to see where we can go in the ring.”

If WWE fans will see a different side of her on Total Divas: “Yes, definitely. They will definitely see something completely different. On Raw I’m the big mean girl who goes and beats everybody up, on Total Divas they will see a softer vulnerable side of me that definitely isn’t see on Raw. And some very goofy stuff between Alexa and I. Team Rude is definitely in full effect.”

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