While speaking to Hollywood Life, Lana talked about the latest season of WWE Total Divas. Here are some highlights:

Thoughts on the new season: “It is going to be a really exciting season! I would say that you are going to see my in-ring journey, and you’ll actually see everything that is happening to me from not knowing when I was going to debut to my in ring journey basically not knowing when I was going to be wrestling to all of the sudden be given my first singles match. And to add to that it was title match, and all the ups and downs that came from that.”

How she would get sick before her first match on PPV: “I was feeling I was going to throw up the entire time when I was getting ready for my first match on pay-per-view, then having three title matches in a row, it was a crazy experience.”

Being open to getting her own spin-off reality show: “Of course, me and Rusev talk about it all the time, and I would love for the show to be called Total Rusev… But Total Lana would be even better! But with this entire season of Total Divas and my adventures with Nattie, she is like the older sister I never had because in my family I am the oldest so I am used to bossing everyone around, and to see someone like Nattie boss me around and just be the way she is will be fun to see.”

Steve Carrier

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