The Taz Show Recap – This Day in ECW History, Smackdown Live Analysis, Special Guest Ted DiBiase, More!

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Block 2:

Taz also didn’t like that Smackdown’s lead commentator, Tom Phillips was promoting the 25th anniversary of RAW. He says that WWE needed to have a voice over as to not put Phillips in that awkward position. He also says that it wouldn’t have been a good idea for Phillips to acknowledge his hatred of RAW during that promo because that would have distracted fans from the importance of RAW’s 25th anniversary.

He thought Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode had a great match last night, and he specifically liked that one of the three falls occurred during the commercial break. This made the match feel more real in Taz’s opinion.

He also points out that ring announcer, Greg Hamilton announced this match as ‘one fall’ prior to its start. He assumes that this was just an error by Hamilton and says Hamilton does a good job for the most part. He suggests that in situations like this the talent should simply make fun of themselves to acknowledge the error.

Taz thought Sin Cara’s aggressive new presentation was refreshing last night and he also liked the promo that Sin Cara cut backstage after his match. He does point out that if WWE is going to continue to have Sin Cara cut promos they need to make his mask more audible because it was tough to understand him last night.

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