Dinner With the King Recap – Monsters in Memphis, RAW’s 25th Anniversary Show, McMahon Pokes Fun at Jail Time, More!

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The ‘Leatherface’ costume prevented the fireball from combusting properly so Lawler came up with a formula which would help the flame sustain longer. Unfortunately, when he threw the fireball during the show Leatherface actually caught on fire. Lawler had to kick him and stomp the fire out which he’s sure confused the fans. Former WWE Superstar Mideon was actually the performer playing the role of Leatherface that night.

Lawler informs that he and Jerry Jarrett would rotate booking during their time as owners of Memphis Wrestling. Lawler says it was easy to tell when it was his time to book the shows because monsters and battle royals would show up all over the cards. When Jerry Jarrett would start booking again all those things disappeared. They simply had different booking philosophies when it came to those types of things.

Lawler informs that Memphis Wrestling’s ‘Lord Humongous’ character was inspired by the Mad Max film, and former WWE Superstar Sycho Sid actually portrayed that character for a period of time. The Kamala character which debuted in Memphis was never really supposed to be a monster according to Lawler. That character was actually inspired by the real life President of Uganda who was well known to be a cannibal at that time.

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