Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – WWE Castrates Kurt Angle, Bischoff’s Role in TNA, McMahon Nixes Cena Heel Turn, More!

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Lane informs that Monday Night RAW had a nice boost in viewership in hour one last Monday, but by the end of the night a lot of fans had tuned out. Russo mentions that WWE doesn’t understand how to capitalize on their own buzz. After the Smackdown invasion angle that concluded RAW some casual fans may have tuned into Smackdown Live to follow up. Unfortunately, WWE didn’t do anything on Smackdown Live to keep those fans interested.

Gilbertti wasn’t impressed with the invasion angle because he has no idea why Smackdown Live and RAW are feuding. Russo agrees and says that this type of angle should have been played out over multiple months. Instead, they rushed this in an attempt to generate some interest in Survivor Series even though there are no real stakes involved.

Gilbertti also thinks that WWE insulted their fans’ intelligence by having all the Smackdown talents wearing blue shirts. He thinks that looked so silly, and was a prime example of PG programming. He says that everyone knows who Dolph Ziggler is, and there was no need for him to wear a blue Smackdown shirt.

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