E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness Recap w/ Sami Zayn – TLC Thoughts, Transitioning Into A Heel, Friendly Rivalry With Kevin Owens, More!

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He mentions that he felt like he was learning everything rather quickly, but there were still some subtleties that he was lacking in the ring. His timing was still improving and he needed to adjust the order in which he performed some of his moves. He began to realize that you had to start with the smaller things and progress to more complicated, advanced moves as the match escalated.

Edge credits Zayn for being able to wrestle so effectively in a mask for a number of years. He points out that it’s very difficult to express emotion while performing in a mask, and Zayn was able to do that and build a fan base around the world. Zayn mentions that he thought NXT was planning on keeping his character the same, so when he had to retire that character it was a very hard day for him.

Zayn initially thought his in-ring style would be too much for WWE, but Triple H actually loved it so he hasn’t had to change much. He admits that taking his mask off and exposing his face brought a new level to his character. Edge says that Zayn’s facial expressions were very good right from the start, which is somewhat surprising for someone who spent most of their career in a mask.

Zayn says he’s very proud of the match he had with Nakamura in NXT. He knew they had put together a great story and it had the chance to be a great match, but when he made his entrance and stood in the ring awaiting Nakamura’s entrance, he knew it was going to be special. The fans were lively right from the start, and he knew they were going to tear the house down. He believes that great matches always stand the test of time, and he thinks this match will be able to hold up years from now.

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