WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley recently took part in an AMA session on Reddit to promote his new book Saint Mick and he answered questions about his wrestling career, who he would like to write a storyline for and who he thinks would have been a good feud in his prime. Check out the highlights below:

On his favorite foreign object:

“Chris Jericho hit me with a copy of my own book in 1999. He got the victory, because it was such a large volume – but I made a heckuva comeback. I told him he wanted more of me I would be at the bookstore and gave an address. It was the largest turnout I had ever had!”

On who he would like to write a storyline on:

“I would love to write something for Becky Lynch. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t think we’ve seen the best of her – and her ability to dig down deep for promos is still somewhat underutilized.”

How it was like to be the General Manager of RAW:


“I really enjoyed my time at GM. I could go into detail about little things I wish I could’ve done – but in the end I was fired in spectacular fashion, in a way that helped the company. That’s all you can really ask for when you sign-on is GM. Stephanie was great to Work with!”

On which superstar he could have a good feud with:

“In my prime, I think I could’ve had really good matches with any number of WWE superstars. I think he cactus/Owens match could’ve been great, or a mankind/bray Wyatt match could’ve had some amazing build up.”


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