The Taz Show Recap – Smackdown Analysis, Trios Championship in WWE, What’s With the Camera Shaking? More!

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Block 2:

He points out that including a full match was a necessity for him, and when he ran his finishing school several years ago he’d always request tape of a full match from talents before accepting them into the school. He points out that some performers like Apollo Crews are spectacular when it comes to delivering high spots but still struggle with some subtleties in the ring, and watching a full match made those things clearer.

Taz didn’t like that Smackdown teased a RAW invasion all night long, but then failed to pay off that story at the end of the show. He points out that WWE was up against Game 1 of the World Series last night, so he felt like they should have done something to keep the viewers attached to WWE programming.

He knows that WWE is planning to pay off this storyline on RAW because just as everyone suspects, RAW is still the priority for Vince McMahon and WWE officials. They can execute a brand split and pretend that both shows are equal but when it comes to major storylines or stars, they always show up on RAW.

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