Lawler is joined on today’s show by his co-host Glenn Moore.

Lawler mentions that the current Meningitis outbreak in WWE is very unfortunate. He assumes that someone picked up a bug during one of the recent overseas tours and now it has spread through the locker room. He mentions that none of the commentators have come down with the illness as of yet which is great, but Lawler was still wondering if he’d get a call at the last minute to commentate on the TLC PPV or to work the kickoff show.

Speaking of Kurt Angle’s return to a WWE ring, Lawler thought Angle did a terrific job and commends him on jumping into that spot at the last minute in order to give the WWE Universe something special. Lawler recalls driving from an indie show with Angle roughly a year ago and Angle was expressing his desire to return to a WWE ring even then, so it was great to see him live out that dream Sunday night.

Lawler mentions that some people may have been critical of that main event and all the gimmicks and antics that it included, but he points out that WWE’s goal is always to send the fans home happy. After having to adjust the two big matches on the TLC card, WWE found a way to deliver and send their fans home happy.

He does mention that he had a hard to believing that any 3 Superstars could win when facing 5 Superstars. He thinks that’s just too steep of a hill to climb from a logical perspective. Nonetheless, he points out that Angle had a great showing, especially for someone that hasn’t wrestled in many months.

In order to remain in ring shape in WWE you need to wrestle at least a couple of times each week in Lawler’s opinion, so Angle’s ability to jump right back in after that much time off and deliver a great performance is something to admire.

Lawler informs that he worked an indie match with Buff Bagwell last weekend. He wasn’t aware of it before hand, but Bagwell had just went through shoulder surgery and they had to work the entire match solely around protecting Bagwell’s shoulder. Lawler adds that once the match started he would have never known that Bagwell’s shoulder was bad, and they were able to have a fun match.

Lawler mentions that Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond will be debuting on Netflix on November 17th. This film will chronicle Lawler and Jim Carey’s performance in Man on the Moon, the film in which Carey portrayed Andy Kaufman. Lawler says it’s a great film and everyone should check it out.

Lawler comments on the rumours that Bradley Cooper might be playing the role of Vince McMahon in the upcoming biopic, Pandemonium. Lawler first mentions that he hopes this film sticks to the true story of Vince McMahon’s life. The Producers and Directors’s do not need to fictionalize this story because it’s fascinating just the way it is. Lawler is also unsure if Bradley Cooper is a good choice to play this role because he doesn’t come off as authoritative enough to play McMahon.

He adds that while most people consider McMahon to be a grumpy businessman, he’s far more than that. Lawler says that most people have to deal with the businessman side of McMahon, but there’s a genuine human being in there as well. Lawler has several stories of talking with McMahon, friend to friend, and of McMahon greeting young fans backstage for pictures.

Considering how busy McMahon is, it’s a miracle he finds time to do any of that at all. He says he’s always had a great relationship with McMahon and that continues to this day. He says if he was casting a movie about Vince McMahon’s life, McMahon himself would be the only person he’d consider for that role.

That sums up this week’s episode of Dinner With the King. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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