Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – Live Event Payments Declining, Steroids in WWE, Would Bret Hart Be A Good Fit in WWE? More!


He says it should also be perfectly fine for older performers to take HGH in order to keep up their appearance as they get older, as that allows them to continue to perform and provide for their families. He doesn’t think fans care whether Triple H or Brock Lesnar are taking HGH; why would they?

Russo mostly agrees with Gilbertti, but he also wonders why the talents would lie about it if they feel so confidently that it should be legal. He doesn’t understand why those talents won’t just admit that they have a prescription for it and take it regularly.

Lane mentions that there are rumours circulating that Impact Wrestling might be permanently moving to Canada. Gilbertti says if that’s the case the company is going to require some serious rebranding yet again. Vito says they should have blown up that company several years ago and started from scratch.

Bret Hart was quoted last week saying that he spoke to Vince McMahon and WWE about potentially working for the company about 4 years ago, but scheduling ultimately got in the way. Gilbertti doesn’t think that Hart would have lasted long in a Producer-type role anyways because Hart is brutally honest, and WWE doesn’t like to have those kind of people around.

Gilbertti adds that WWE doesn’t want varying opinions there, they want people to tell them everything’s okay at all times. Russo says Hart mightn’t have been a good television writer, but he could be just as good an agent as Pat Patterson because that’s who Hart learned from.

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