ROH Global Wars – October 15th, 2017

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Ray said that he doesn’t think fans understand. He’s been asked since he began his career where were his favorite places to wrestle. He said Chicago was in the top. Ray took a broken piece of table and called a kid into the ring to receive it. He said that the boy represents every fan that he has been in front of in his whole life. Ray said it’s really hard to thank every single person, so he’s going to represent every single person in the world tonight. Ray told him “Thank you” and hugged the kid.

Ray said this is the last table he will be breaking and asked the kid to hold up the piece of it high. The kid did and then returned to the crowd. Ray apologized if he took up too much of anyone’s time. He said he knew ROH was always a place where he would do well and said that if this is the last time he’s here, he wants to than God for being able to step into a Ring of Honor ring.

ROH champion Cody Rhodes & Young Bucks & Adam Page vs. ROH Tag Team champions The Motor City Machineguns & Jay White & Jonathan Gresham

Lots of big reactions for Bullet Club. There was a big “F*** the Revival” chant as well as “Cease and Desist.” Seek and Destroy did a spot where they all did the Too Sweet hand symbol and that enraged the Club and started a big brawl. Lots of big spots. Adam Page was on a tear hitting all his big spots. Jay White suplexed him into the buckles and tagged in Gresham. Gresham nailed a stunner and an enziguiri before dropping him on the back of his head with a suplex.

Cody ht the ring and nailed CrossRhodes. Everyone hit the ring and hit big spot after big spot. Machineguns whipped out the Dream Sequence. They turned it into a sequence where everyone from BC got their opponents in Sharpshooters but Jay White had Cody in one. The others dropped their moves and hit a triple superkick, allowing Cody to join them as all four locked in the moves. Bullet Club wiped out everyone, leaving Gresham alone in a four on one.

Gresham fought valiantly and even told them to “suck it”, leading to him being wiped out and hit with the Rite of Passage by Page for the pin.

Your winners, Bullet Club!


One Mean Team (with Miss Jasmin) vs. The Dawgs

The Dawgs are Rhett Titus and Will Ferrara doing a gimmick where Rhett is the big dog and Ferrara is the smaller one who gets used as an offensive weapon. This was about spotlighting them and even teasing perhaps they aren’t really on the same page. They had some great double team moves, almost Midnight Express-like in terms of unique offense.

Your winners, The Dawgs!

After the match, Jay Briscoe hit the ring and beat the hell out of One Mean Team. Jay took the mic and said he was here to address one person – his brother Mark. He said that he told him they needed to get back to “doing what they do” and being the best tag team on the planet. He said Mark has been worrying about singles matches and titles and six man tag team titles and all it got him was sitting home with a busted elbow. He told Mark to ice the elbow and come back quick because it’s time for the Briscoes to “take this sh** over.”

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