Ring of Honor held their Global Wars show in Buffalo, New York on Thursday, with a six-man tag match in the main event and more. Here are the results, courtesy of PWInsider:

Women of Honor: Deonna Purrazzo defeated Sumie Sakai with the armbar submission.

The main show opens.

The Dawgs defeated Coast To Coast. Titus got the pin on Ali.


KUSHIDA defeated Hangman Page by submission. The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega finished signing autographs during this bout, 90 minutes after they started. The line at one point was halfway around the venue. Hangman Page exchanged a too sweet with a fan in the front row during the bout.

Jay Lethal defeated Frankie Kazarian with the Lethal Injection in a match that drew the first “this is awesome” chants of the night. Lethal came out with a towel around his Neck, hung it in the corner and then out it back around his neck when he left. After the match, he made the belt symbol and climbed to the top turnbuckle and said, “next world champion.”

Silas Young came out before the next match, noting that he was going to watch in advance of his bout with Minoru Suzuki on Friday night in Pittsburgh. Young joined the commentary team.

Minoru Suzuki and the Killer Elite Squad defeated War Machine and Mark Briscoe. Late in the bout, War Machine hit dueling suicide dives on opposite sides of the ring to clear the way for Briscoe and Suzuki. The two went chop for chop and then a series of kicks but eventually Suzuki hit the Gotch style piledriver on Briscoe for the pin.

Bully Ray came out to a huge pop and chants of ECW in an emotional scene. After circling the ring, he was serenaded with “Thank you Bully” chants. “Nothing will ever be as cool as that,” he said. He then clapped for the fans as they clapped for him and thanked them. “I am rarely at a loss for words … I knew that I wanted to be here but I didn’t know what I wanted to say.” He said he would just speak and that usually worked out well. Bully said that the Ring of Honor higher ups told him he did not have to be on the Global Wars tour and that he should rest. He said they were but noted he had a special relationship with Buffalo. He got a big cheer when he mentioned being a mile away at the Burt Flickinger Center with ECW, 20 years ago. He said what ROH is doing tonight reminds him of what ECW was doing then. He said he didn’t know if he would see the people here again but said this was beyond how a wrestler and fans interact. “This as real as it gets.” He acknowledged that he wasn’t sure if he would wrestle again after taking an ugly shot to the head from a table at Death Before Dishonor. At one point, he dropped to his knees and spread his arms in appreciation for the fans. He circled the ring and then paused at the top of the ramp.

In the first match after intermission, Mandy Leon beat Jenny Rose. They embraced afterward.

Hiromu Takahashi defeated Christopher Daniels via submission. The submission move included Takahashi’s stuffed feline, Daryl. The two men embraced and raised their arms after the match. Takahashi then hit Daniels in the head with the stuffed animal.

ROH champion Cody and Marty Scurll defeated Chaos’ Toru Yano and YOSHI-HASHI. Yano hit low blows on both men and then pulled the pad off the turnbuckle. He threw Cody into the corner and had him down for the pin but Scurll pulled the referee out of the ring. Cody would hit a low blow and the Cross Rhodes for the win.

Punishment Martinez defeated Will Ospreay. Exciting back and forth with a ton of false finishes. Crowd chanted, “that was awesome” after it ended. Martinez won when he hit the massive choke slam after throwing Ospreay back first into the apron.

The “Be Elite” chants started before the main event.

The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega defeated The Kingdom. The win came via three man super Meltzer Driver on TK O’Ryan. Before the match, Matt Jackson said they were changing Freebird Rules to Elite Rules and would put the six man titles up because they belong to Bullet Club. The Bucks and Omega began the match with a One Sweet. After a series of moves between Taven and Omega, Omega offered a handshake. Taven responded by offering a two sweet. The crowd chanted, “You can’t do that.” The match featured a spot of 10 Boots with Omega tossing Matt Taven into the boots of the Bucks and Cody, Scurll and Page, who had come to ringside. That was after Two Boots and Four Boots failed. Before the rest of the Bullet Club was ejected from ringside –they would return later after a ref bump — the Bucks and Scurll shook the ropes Ultimate Warrior style.

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