WWE Monday Night Raw Results – October 9 2017

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Raw opens with a look back at last week, when The Bar and Miz took out Roman Reigns.

We go live to the arena in Indianapolis and The Miz is in the ring with Curtis Axel, ready for Miz TV. He welcomes us to the show and announces that tonight will be The Mizzie’s Part 2. He says last week marked a shift, because he went from the A-Lister to The Guy.

The Miz announces the first Mizzie of the night, for perseverance, goes to Curtis Axel. The winner accepts the award graciously and says that he dedicates it to Bo Dallas, who isn’t there due to Reigns’ beating. The second award goes to the best supporting actor in his production of “The Destruction of Roman Reigns”….and it’s a tie. The winners are, none other, than Sheamus and Cesaro!

The best supporting actors make their way to the ring and hold the trophy high together. Sheamus thanks the crowd and says they appreciate it. Sheamus thanks The Miz and says it’s an honour, before saying that last week they set the bar even higher. Finally, he thanks Roman Reigns for making it all possible, and says that watching him gasp for air made him want to beat him even more. He channels Rocky and shouts “Yo Roman, we did it!” Cesaro then takes the mic and says he doesn’t want to leave anyone out, so he thanks Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, for knocking his teeth out and giving them a reason to beat them down.

The Miz says they’ve heard the news, the rumours, the reunion, but they can stare at each other all they want, The Shield are from a different era. Miz says that Seth, Roman, and Dean, know that their time has passed them by. The Miztourage has transcended all of them, they did something The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, and John Cena couldn’t do: put down Roman Reigns. The final Mizzie goes to the big dog of WWE, the man who makes it all possible…The Miz!

The fans chant “you deserve it”, as The Miz claps trophies with Sheamus and Axel. He dedicated the award to his unborn child, who needs a role model. Roman Reigns interrupts and Michael Cole says that “rumours of his demise have been greatly exaggerated. There is the real big dog, the guy, Roman Reigns!” Wow.

The Miz mocks Roman for standing on the ramp and says he is a coward, to which Roman tells him he has one opportunity to get out of his ring. Miz says that Roman always says talk is cheap, but he’s going to do nothing because there is only one of him. The crowd gives a loud “Shield” chant, to which Miz tells them to shut up. Miz tells Roman to go backstage and find Seth and Dean, because as of now the rumours of a reunion are just like him, nothing but hype.

Roman simply says “rumours? who said anything about rumours?”, and out comes Dean Ambrose. Followed shortly thereafter by The Architect, Seth Rollins! The Shield stand on the ramp and stare down to the ring as the crowd go wild. The boys make their way to the ring and surround it in classic fashion. They climb onto the apron and pause, before climbing inside and a big brawl breaks out. On the outside, Reigns tosses Axel into the steel steps. Back inside, Reigns hits Sheamus with a Superman Punch, then Cesaro as well, as Dean hits a lariat and Rollins hits the jumping knee. The ring is cleared and they stare at Miz on the oustide, who begs for mercy. They force Miz into the ring, where Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds and the boys celebrate. The crowd are loving it. Rollins lifts Miz and they pass him to Roman for the Shield triple powerbomb! The trio put their fists together and the hounds have been released.

Later tonight, we find out if Sister Abigail is truly alive. We see highlight’s from last night’s Hell In A Cell main event, in which Sami Zayn helped Kevin Owens defeat Shane McMahon. Tomorrow night, AJ Styles Vs. Baron Corbin for the United States Championship!

*Commercial Break*

We return to see Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows in the ring. Jason Jordan makes his entrance as we see replays of last week when he teamed with Matt Hardy.

Jason Jordan Vs. Karl Anderson

Jordan with a takedown early on Anderson and Anderson gets to the ropes to break it up. Jordan with another takedown, Anderson gets up and Jordan again takes him down. Anderson catches Jordan with a big right hand and goes to a side headlock. Jordan catches Anderson on his shoulder and dumps him down face first. Luke Gallows with a distraction on the outside. Anderson kicks out the left knee of Jordan as we head to a break.

*Commercial Break*

During the break, Anderson connected with a spinebuster on Jordan. Back live, Jordan with elbows as Anderson works over his left arm. Jordan with a side back suplex. Jordan drives Anderson to the corner and connects with an overhead belly-to-belly.

Jordan with a spear to Anderson in the corner. Another distraction by Gallows. Anderson with a roll up holding the tights. Jordan fights out and knocks Gallows off the ring apron. Anderson crotches himself in the corner. Jordan with a lifting neckbreaker and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Jason Jordan

Elias is shown making his way to the ring, and he’s going to debut a new song next!

*Commercial Break*

We return and see The Miz lying on a doctor’s table, with Axel icing his back. Kurt Angle walks in and Miz starts complaining, so Angle tells him to stop worrying because he’s going to be in the main event of TLC. He tells Miz that he, Sheamus, and Cesaro, will face The Shield in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match! The Miz is furious.

Elias is sitting inside the ring with his guitar. He asks who wants to walk with Elias and the crowd give a loud but mixed response. Elias says one person who doesn’t want to is Apollo Crews. He has a song to sing and the fans start to boo, so he says he maybe won’t sing it and they cheer. Elias then says he’s kidding, he loves his voice too much not to sing. He starts playing but Titus O’Neil interrupts Elias, walking out playing a banjo. He asks who wants to walk with Titus Worldwide tonight in Indianapolis. Titus asks everyone to follow Apollo because he has a song for him. He’s about to play banjo for the first time on live TV. Titus plays and it’s not very good but he introduces Apollo Crews for a match before we head to the break!

*Commercial Break*

Elias Vs. Apollo Crews W/Titus O’Neil

Back live, Elias is dropping the left arm of Crews over the ring apron. Elias channels The Undertaker and walks the ropes dropping a shot over the shoulder of Crews. Crews catches Elias with a boot and jumping clothesline combo. Crews with his standing moonsault and gets a two count on Elias.

On the outside, Crews with a springboard moonsault off the ring apron on Elias! Back inside, Crews with right hands and stomps to Elias. Elias trips up Crews and connects with the Drift Away. Elias hooks the leg to pick up the win.

Winner: Elias

We see the Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore is walking to the ring.

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