Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – Brock Lesnar Working Live Events, Styles Being Saved for Dark Matches, Corgan’s NWA Purchase, More!

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Russo is joined on today’s show by Glenn Gilbertti (Disco Inferno) and his co-host Jeff Lane.

Russo begins today’s show by discussing a recent quote from Dave Meltzer. This past week Meltzer was quoted saying that wrestling storylines are at their best when they’re predictable. When your storylines aren’t predictable you’re often weakening your product in Meltzer’s opinion.

Gilbertti points out that Meltzer’s only concern is the matches, and he couldn’t care less about the storylines. He recalls Meltzer’s analysis of shows during the attitude era when he consistently complained about the fact that the matches were too short, and this was during a period when storytelling was far from predictable.

Russo comments about the fact that A.J. Styles hasn’t been wrestling on Smackdown Live lately. According to Meltzer, WWE has been saving Styles for the dark matches so the live audience stays for 205 Live. Gilbertti says it doesn’t matter anyways because there’s no one showing up to these shows anymore. Russo can’t comprehend placing priority on the live audience especially when ratings continue to decline.

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