The Unexpected Heel Turn We’ve All Been Wanting

Hell in a Cell delivered in ways I didn’t see possible. The matches were good, but they will fall on the back burner thanks to what transpired during the main event. We all knew Kevin Owens versus Shane McMahon was going to be a brawl. Tables, trash cans, and dives made this match fantastic.

However, one man with two simple motions made this night truly unforgettable. Sami Zayn, the beloved underdog, came to the aid of….. Kevin Owens. Yes, you read that correctly. As Shane was performing is now famous cell dives, Sami pulled Owens out of the way to safety. He then proceeded to prop Owens on top of Shane so he could score the victory. Disbelief fell among the Little Caesars Arena and right here in my very living room. Comprehension of these actions failed to cross my mind.

Time has passed and I’ve been able to meddle on this for some time. Sami helping Kevin is one intriguing plot twist in the whole Owens versus the McMahons storyline, one that makes it that much more enjoyable.

Sami Zayn is the one person on the roster (other than Bayley) that I could never see turning heel. He’s an underdog. How can people hate that? Unfortunately, this underdog has been under some heavy rocks for quite some time. After a move to Smackdown, fans thought Sami would finally get the breakout he deserved. It never happened. He is more or less an enhancement talent now. It’s not that he’s bad at his job or anything, but more superstars have seized those moments.

We can no longer say that Zayn hasn’t seized the moment. At Hell in a Cell, he seized the biggest moment of his professional career.

This heel turn gives instant credibility to Sami. He will now be a part of this storyline which means he will get more television time and better placement on the card. Who knew all it took to get there was by betraying your boss to help your best friend? Expect to see lots more of Sami in the following weeks on Smackdown.

As a Sami Zayn fan, I’m all for him getting more television time. The guy is a great worker and can wrestle with the best of them. Now we just get the pleasure of watching him do this on the opposite side of justice.