WWE Monday Night Raw Results – October 02 2017

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Matt Hardy makes his way to the ring for some tag team action. Jeff Hardy goes in for his shoulder surgery today, best of luck to him! Jason Jordan comes out wearing new gear, no longer in the singlet club. At least I’m fairly certain that’s a new thing.

Matt Hardy & Jason Jordan Vs. The Club

Matt and Karl Anderson begin the match. Matt applies a headlock before being shot into the ropes and shoulder barging Anderson. After a few shots in the corner from Karl, Gallows is tagged in. The big man misses a shot on Hardy in the corner and eats a few right hands. Jordan tags into the match and shoulders Gallows into the corner before eating an elbow. The big man starts teeing off on Jordan and headbutt’s him to the mat.

Gallows slingshots Jordan to the corner but the youngster springboards off and hits a clothesline to Gallows. Anderson runs in but Hardy catches him with a Side Effect and he rolls from the ring. Hardy and Jordan follow-up with clotheslines to Gallows, sending him over the top rope and to the outside.

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Back live, Gallows gets the tag and cuts off a big suplex slam by Jordan on Anderson. Gallows drops repeated elbows over Jordan. Gallows with a big boot and leg drop combo. Tag to Anderson who stomps away at Jordan in the corner. Anderson works over the left arm of Jordan, throws a knee and Jordan counters a back suplex. Jordan with a back suplex of his own. Hot tags to Matt and Gallows.

Matt with rights as the crowd chants “DELETE” with each in Denver. Matt with clotheslines to Gallows in the corner, pulls Gallows for a bulldog, clotheslines Anderson and connects with the bulldog. Matt bounces the face of Gallows off each turnbuckle. Matt with a spike DDT from the corner and connects with an elbow drop off the second rope that Anderson breaks up. Jordan dropkicks Anderson to the outside. Anderson then tosses Jordan into the barricade. Anderson distracts Matt. Gallows and Anderson connect with The Magic Killer on Matt and get the pinfall.

Winners: The Club

After the match, Gallows and Anderson throw up the “Too Sweet” in celebration. Hopefully The Young Bucks don’t mind.

Enzo Amore will address the Cruiserweight Division later tonight. Also still to come, The Miz vs. Roman Reigns for the Intercontinental Championship.

Backstage, Roman Reigns is asked for thoughts on Sheamus and Cesaro attacking Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose earlier tonight. He calls them big boys says that they’re probably strategizing for next week already, and that he needs to focus on The Miz and the Intercontinental Championship tonight.

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We return to see Dana Warrior is in the ring with three women who are breast cancer survivors. Members of the RAW Women’s Division are behind them all in “Unleash Your Warrior” t-shirts. Dana reveals three pink WWE championships for the women in the ring and they shake the ropes. A nice segment.

It’s title match time! The Miz and his cronies enter through the crowd, the way The Shield used to do.

During Miz’s entrance, Reigns appears and hits a Superman Punch on Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas. Drive By to Axel over the ring apron. Reigns launches Dallas into the steel ring steps. Reigns clotheslines Axel over the barricade into the crowd. Reigns pulls a steel chair out from under the ring and goes after Axel in the crowd. Axel runs up to the entrance stage. Reigns hits him in the gut with the chair and cracks it over his back. Dallas attacks Reigns. Superman to Dallas when he grabs the chair. Reigns cracks the chair over the backs of Axel and Dallas repeatedly on the stage. The referee yells at Reigns to stop. Miz is still watching from inside the ring with a shocked look on his face. Reigns heads to the ring! The crowd are hot

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