Forgotten Superstars Who Competed in Hell in a Cell

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Mark Henry (Hell in a Cell, 2011)

At Night of Champions, Mark Henry dethroned Randy Orton, who dethroned Christian, who dethroned Randy Orton, who dethroned Christian (it’s a long story). Since the month of October was coming up, they decided to have Henry and Orton face off inside Hell in a Cell.

The match wasn’t the best, but it was a good and solid bout that solidified Henry as a champion. It also kicked off a series of good PPV title defenses from the World’s Strongest Man. In fact, his whole reign was great. The Hall of Pain was a blast to watch, and his series against Big Show is quite underrated (they even broke the ring at Vengeance).

This was the match that put a lot of eyes on Henry, and he delivered.

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