Forgotten Superstars Who Competed in Hell in a Cell

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Kevin Nash (Bad Blood, 2003)

This match occurred during Triple H’s love affair with the World Heavyweight Championship. During his 2nd reign as champion, Kevin Nash came back, or something. Anyway, he soon found himself in title contention for the World Heavyweight Championship inside Hell in a Cell.

Mick Foley was the guest referee, for some reason as well. I was too young to be watching this at the time, so if someone more familiar with the story clues me in, I’ll be forever grateful. Anyway, Nash and H waged war within the confines of the Cell, with barbed wire, steel chairs, the steps, and Triple H’s favorite weapon, the shovel hammer.

It was Triple H who walked away victorious from this match. He held onto the title for 2 more months before dropping it to Goldberg, and Nash was quickly forgotten.

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