Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – Replica Fake Titles, Defining A Mark, Is Tommy Dreamer an Alien? More!

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He says it was nice to see Tommy Dreamer at this indie booking, and he assumes that Dreamer is an alien because he’s at every indie show that happens in the United States. Russo points out that in addition to running House of Hardcore, his own successful indie promotion, Dreamer works for just about every indie company in America. Russo admires Dreamer’s work ethic.

While doing this indie booking he asked his friend Larry Francis for a ride around Vegas and to and from the airport. He says that Francis is a 34-year old grown man who talks only about professional wrestling. After Francis dropped him off at the airport at 4 AM in the morning, he requested that Russo sign his book, take a selfie with him, and then take a picture with a replica Title belt that he pulled out of his trunk.

Russo complied with Francis’ requests, but he wouldn’t take a picture with the replica Title belt because that was taking things too far. He says that when you look, act and smell like a mark, there’s a good chance that you’re a mark.

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