WWE 205 Live Results – September 26 2017

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205 Live opens with a recap of last night’s Raw with Enzo Amore’s title celebration and subsequent beatdown.

The Cruiserweight Champion, Enzo Amore makes his way to the ring, with a crutch under his arm. He introduces himself on his way to the ring. He also has his entire arm bandaged up. Enzo says that last night he was really hurt but he hides it well, almost as well as Cedric Alexander hides his charisma. He says he hasn’t called in sick in his entire career, rain or shine, he comes out here and takes the stage. He says he is the guy who put 205 on the map, and he’s the reason people stay to watch 205 Live. He throws his crutch away and says that as far as Neville is concerned, he pities him. He asks the fans if they realise that everyday Neville has to get up and look in the mirror…”that’s the punchline, he’s ugly.” The fans laugh.

Enzo takes his title off and holds it up. He says that it’s all about this, then he shows the video of what happened last night, after Raw when off the air – in which Braun Strowman and every cruiserweight beat on Enzo. The fans chant “you deserve it”, but Enzo grabs the title and says he knows he does deserve it. Enzo says that last night was to be so special that he flew his mother out to watch. But she had to sit in the front row, crying, as she watched a monster try to murder her son. And yet she has to listen to, “one more time”, from a bunch of haters. He says the people chanting that were the people that thought Neville was a prince who came to save the division, but Neville is no Jamie Lannister. However winter is coming and he is going to put the title on ice. That’s because last night he had a piece of paper in his pocket that said if any cruiserweight put their hand on him, they would void their chance to wrestle him for the title. So it looks like he will retire as the Champion. And Neville, he broke that rule first, he insults Neville’s looks again, before saying he will never touch his precious again. Enzo calls Neville SAWFT before hiting the bricks.

Later tonight, Neville will face Ariya Daivari. We see Drew Gulak walking backstage, with a sign that reads, “No Chants”. Tony Nese will be in action next!

Tony Nese Vs. Akira Tozawa

Drew Gulak is on commentary for this one. Tony Nese stops Tozawa from hitting him at the onset, instead he kneels down and flexes for the fans. Tozawa then strikes up a chant with the WWE Universe, and Nese responds by hitting running forearms on him.

Nese stomps on Tozawa before whipping him into the ropes, only to be met with a soccer kick and a senton from the former Champion. Tozawa takes to the top rope but Nese hits the rope and causes Tozawa to fall across the ropes. Nese kicks Tozawa up into the air, catches him on his shoulders, and drops him for a two count. Nese with a leg drop, then a few stomps before applying a neck crank.

Nese lifts Tozawa and hangs him upside down in the corner. Nese uses the tree of woe to knee Tozawa, then do his crunch kicks. Nese showcases his abs before hitting a running knee on Tozawa for another two. Nese wraps Tozawa in a bodyscissors and tries to force the submission, he then picks him up and dumps Tozawa against the ropes, pin, two.

Tozawa able to work his way back into the match, big chops to the chest, hurricanrana, side suplex, goes for a pin and only gets two. Tozawa heads up to the top, but Nese bounces out of the ring, Tozawa jumped down and nails him with a suicide dive. Gulak yells at Tozawa for his awful in-ring work. Back and forth strikes, multiple counters, Nese finally tries for a pin, gets two, and big kick to the face. Tozawa heads to the top and hits a senton splash, pin, 1-2-3!

Winner: Akira Tozawa

Gulak is not happy at all with this outcome as he stares Tozawa down. Post-match, Gulak rings a loud fire alarm with his megaphone as he parades around the ring. He then stops and apologizes before doing it again. He jumps in the ring with a mic and says Tozawa is breaking his rules for a better 205 Live. Gulak then continues on his Power Point presentation, “No celebrating.” Gulak hopes for a new show where wrestlers shake hands before and after matches, without celebrating or doing “Ah!” chants. He calls the crowd mindless sheep and says they might as well be chanting “Bah! Bah!” Tozawa has enough and kicks him out of the ring. Gulak looks on in anger.

Backstage, we see Enzo talking to his title. Daivari stops him and says he’s sorry for what happened on Raw. Enzo says he doesn’t accept it. Daivari says Enzo is an original and he’s amazing! The only reason he got involved was due to peer pressure and it was all Neville’s plan. Enzo feels like Daivari is trying to butter him up. Daivari continues on and says Enzo could be a big star, even outside of the WWE and wants to be Enzo’s friend. Enzo gets it, but thinks Daivari needs to earn his stripes before he could trust him. Daivari invites him to watch his match against Neville later tonight to show how sincere he is, Enzo does him one better and agree to be in his corner. Daviari shakes his hand and says “How you doin’?” Enzo gets in his face, “Never say that again.”

We get a recap of last week’s scenes with Rich Swann and TJP as Perkins enter with the dreadlock he pulled from Rich’s hair, using it as a fake moustache to mock Swann. Perkins proceeded to finally end their friendship.

Up next was was supposed to be TJ Perkins vs. Lince Dordado, but before Dorado can even get to the ring, Rich Swann flies into it and attacks Perkins. Slamming TJP’s head into the turnbuckle, Swann goes for a spinning kick, but TJP runs out of the ring and through the crowd.

Next, we get a video of last week’s two-on-one attack from Jack Gallagher and The Brian Kendrick on Cedric Alexander. Gallagher vs. Alexander happens next week.  Kendrick and Gallagher are in a dimly lit area backstage. TBK says he knows we have questions about why they’ve teamed, but it will be easier to show us – like they’ve been showing Cedric for the past two weeks. Jack says they’ll demonstrate with cruelty… the gift humanity gave itself. Cruelty is like a season, it comes to drop the weak like leaves from a tree. And next week, it’s coming for Alexander, to start his long cruel winter in 205 Live.

Neville comes out with a microphone. He says he’s heard what everyone’s saying. That he’s lost it, he’s deranged. But last night, he knew exactly what he was doing – and he loved it! He knows it cost him a chance to reclaim the title, and he doesn’t care. He would do it all over again. He warns “Mussles Marinara” to keep one eye open at all times, because he will be looking for every opportunity to inflict pain and suffering on Enzo, because he won’t let a talentless cretin ruin 205 Live. Out comes Neville’s opponent, followed by the “talentless rat”.

Neville Vs. Ariya Daivari W/Enzo Amore

Neville immediately runs to the outside to go after Enzo, but Daivari attack from behind, throwing him into the barricade a few times.

Action back in the ring, quick pin, only a one count. Daivari with a big backbreaker and asks how Enzo liked that. Enzo is nonstop on the outside with the smack talking as Neville tries to get at him. Enzo getting right in Neville’s face as he’s on his back. Neville tries to fight back, but gets put into a tree of woe in the corner, reverse cutter.

Neville starts to make a comeback and tosses Daivari, before he jumps outside again to face Enzo, Daivari catches him with a baseball slide. Action back in the ring, Neville locks in Rings of Saturn in the middle of the ring and Daivari taps out!

Winner: Neville

Post-match, Enzo immediately jumps Neville from behind and whacks him with the crutch over and over again. He jumps on Neville throwing punches and elbows as he continues to talk trash right in his face. Refs gets involved and finally push him away. “Oh, you want this!?” He yells as he holds the title out, the crowd is booing Enzo and he yells “Oh, you don’t want to cheer now?” and mocks their earlier “You deserve it!” chant at Neville as he heads to the back.

That’s it for this week’s 205 Live. Let us know what you thought on our Ringside Talk app and I will see you next week for more Raw. Until then, safe travels!

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