Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – Mae Young Classic Streaming Stats, McMahon’s Giant Ego, Overcoming the Language Barrier, More!

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Lane plays a clip of Wade Keller who says that the eminent feud between Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler is shaping up to be riveting, must-see television. Russo laughs and says that this new Ziggler gimmick is absolutely terrible, and ‘riveting’ is certainly not the word he’d use to describe it.

Keller went on to say that Ziggler’s whining doesn’t really make any sense to him. He says that Ziggler’s not getting Title shots because he’s not winning matches, not because he’s in need of a fancy entrance. Russo calls Keller an ‘idiotic moron’, and he doesn’t even know how to seriously critique a statement like that. He wonders how Keller can logically critique a performer for not winning matches on a fake, scripted television show.

A fan of the show sent in a tweet from Ryan Satin, who admitted to listening to wrestling entrance music in his car. Russo says if you’re listening to wrestling entrance music in your car there’s no denying that you’re a ‘full-fledged, bonafide mark’.

Apparently WWE was happy with the binge watching statistics of the Mae Young Classic, but Dave Melzter says he’s not so sure those stats were as good as WWE said. He says he has seen some stats that WWE hasn’t looked at and they’re not half as good as WWE is making out. Russo says this is complete lies from Meltzer, because Meltzer doesn’t have any information that WWE wouldn’t have access to as well.

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