No Mercy 2017: Ranking All The Matches From Worst to Best


5: John Cena Vs Roman Reigns

There are some fans out there hailing this as a classic, while others are claiming it was pretty boring. Me? I tend to lean more towards the latter. The opening stages of the match were pretty poorly booked, with Cena comically over-selling all of Reigns’ offence and the closing stages, despite being slightly exciting, were just a finisher fest.

Reigns winning definitely makes the most sense but the post-match stuff was difficult to watch. I’m actually a huge Reigns fan (shoot me) but how do the company fail to see that the constant passing of the torch stuff, and other stars raising his hand etc, really just isn’t working for him. He is set to headline Mania and likely dethrones Brock Lesnar, the company need to get their act together before then unless they want to close their biggest show of the year with boos, again.

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