Talk is Jericho Recap w/ Cody Rhodes – Asking for WWE Release, Working with Kurt Angle, Winning ROH Championship, More!

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He mentions that he used to be John Cena’s driver in WWE at one point in time. He says that Cena liked drinking with Ted Dibiase Jr., and Rhodes was just always around and this led to him being the driver. He adds that Cena was always so interested in the ticket sales and merchandise sales after each show, and now that’s something that Rhodes is very interested in as well.

Rhodes says that he was preparing for his WWE exit weeks in advance, and was even talking to indie promoters about what possibilities might exist for him outside of WWE. He compares planning for his WWE release to trying to escape a maximum security prison, and he wanted to have all his boxes checked before asking for his release.

Jericho asks Rhodes about his trilogy of matches with Kurt Angle. Rhodes says Angle was a pleasure to work with, and the matches felt like PPV main events. The initial match with Angle was the first time he realized that the independent scene was alive and well. He says the matches went over very well and he learned so much from Angle.

Rhodes informs that prior to his departure from WWE, he was pitching a dual personality angle to Vince McMahon and Triple H. He could continue to put talents over as the Stardust character on one brand, and then be Cody Rhodes on the other brand. He had some ring gear made and the conversations were progressing, but it simply didn’t work out.

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