5 Pay-Per-Views WWE Should Revive

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The WWE pay-per-view calendar is one hell of a difficult thing to keep up with. The company changes their schedules every year, and with no less than 16 events now taking place in a calendar month, things can get more than just a little confusing.

The WWE has announced this week that their next move is to resurrect Starrcade, which was WCW’s equivalent to Wrestlemania. The event will take place on a Saturday and will not be a traditional pay-per-view, instead, it looks as though it will be some sort of Network exclusive, though, that still remains unclear as things stand.

Fans are understandably excited about this, though, and if there is one thing that the WWE love, it’s a bit of nostalgia. The company has also revived WCW’s Clash of Champions for this coming December, and rumour has it that they are looking for more events to bring back to WWE television over the next year.

While the calendar is undeniably bloated at the moment, there are plenty of WWE events that really fail to capture the public’s imagination, that could be easily be replaced with much more interesting ones. Let’s take a look at five PPVs that the WWE should consider bringing back in the next year from both WWE and WCW’s history.

Taboo Tuesday/Cyber Sunday 

Okay, I know that the original Taboo Tuesday/Cyber Sunday PPV ended up getting out of hand, but in the age of social media and the WWE network, this event is crying out for a return.

In an age where kayfabe is knocking on death’s door, giving the fan’s more control over the product, if only for one night only, really doesn’t seem like too bad an idea. One complaint often levelled at the company is that they don’t listen to what the fans want, and the return of this event gives the fans just that.

WWE loves to feature its online presence on television and loves to think it is ahead of the curve when it comes to this sort of thing, a reboot of the Taboo Tuesday/Cyber Sunday concept could be just what the sport needs right now. Of course, the company would inevitably end up giving the fans very limited options, but let’s just pretend just for a minute that they didn’t- imagine what a show the fans could help produce.

Of course, with the internet, comes trolls and there is a fair chance we could end seeing James Elsworth take on Brock Lesnar in an inferno match as the main event but screw it, that’s kind of the point. They also have the option of just having it as a network special, especially if they decided to go for their initial concept and put it on a Tuesday night. What harm could it do?

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