On a recent episode of Conversation With The Big Guy, former WWE Superstar Ryback talked about the heat between The Miz and Daniel Bryan among other topics. Here are the excerpts from the podcast:

Ryback says he has a lot of respect for The Miz. According to Ryback, Miz may not be the toughest guy out there but “Miz has his heart”, and he belongs where he is.

“He [has] been healthier than anybody his entire [pro wrestling] career. And I’ve been in there with The Miz time and time again and I don’t think Miz is physically the specimen I am or to a lot of people. The one thing The Miz has is heart and Miz, I’ve seen it, I’ve come from Tough Enough with him, and I’ve seen this with him time and time again, he can turn it on with the best of them. And do I think he’s the toughest guy in the world? No, but he’d go down swinging if it came to it, and he’ll go down every time, but he’ll go down swinging. I have nothing but respect for The Miz and I like him a lot. And I think he belongs right where he is.”

“The Big Guy” stated that Miz and Daniel Bryan have no real heat between them and it is just a scripted storyline. He adds that they both have a lot of respect for each other and have helped each other in the past.

“Him and Dan, it’s all f–king fake! Even if that was [them] taking shots at each other, they’re still in a f–king scripted environment. And Dan knows. Dan [has] wrestled The Miz. Dan can go out there and wrestle with anybody and Miz can put in time and Daniel Bryan has nothing but respect for The Miz and The Miz really helped him a lot early on. And Daniel Bryan helped Miz too with everything and escalating him.”

You can check out the podcast here. H/T to Wrestling.Inc for transcript.




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