WWE 205 Live Results – September 12 2017

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205 Live opens with Dasha Fuentes backstage, talking to Rich Swann. Swann says he and TJP know each other almost as well as they know themselves. Something he proved when he won their first match, highlights of which are then shown. Perkins enters before Dasha can ask her next question, telling production to roll footage of their second match, which he won with a Disaster Kick. The banter continues to the current interview, and Fuentes asks how the rubber match will effect their friendship. Rich says it won’t effect him at all, because he’s not gonna lose.

TJP Vs. Rich Swann

The bell rings and Swann immediately takes it to the mat, TJP tries to escape, but Swann keeps control. They work back and forth, with Swann again taking it to the ground. TJP picks up the pace, looks for the knee bar but Swann counters out and hits dropkick, sending TJP to the floor. The apron cannonball follows. Back in they go and Swann lays in kicks to TJP. Swann follows with chops, but TJP counters the charge and then takes out the knee of Swann. TJP takes control, hitting the back elbow and covering for 2.

TJP grounds the action, but Swann counters the corner charge and covers for 2. TJP then cut off Swann with the flapjack, and basement dropkick for 2. TJP again grounds the action, Swann works to his feet and escapes with strikes but runs into a knee by TJP. TJP hits a nasty looking Saito suplex, nearly killing Swann, and covering for 2. The senton atomico follows by TJP for 2. He then works the arm of Swann, but Swann escapes and hits a clothesline and kicks. The running leg drop follows for 2. TJP fights off the tiger bomb, hits a hurricanrana and then a springboard forearm and both men are down.

They trade kicks and strikes and we get another double down. They fight to the feet, but Swan counters the detonation kick, but TJP counters out and into the knee bar. TJP hits the dodon and that gets 2. TJP attacks the leg, but Swann fires back with rights and then hits a crucifix for 2. Swann hits a roundhouse kick, and Michinoku driver for 2. Swann up top, hits the Phoenix splash and picks up the win.

Winner: Rich Swann

After the match, TJP reluctantly shakes Swanns hand before storming off. Something tells me this feud is only just beginning.

We get highlights of Enzo earning a title shot with his win last week in the Fatal 5-Way. Enzo is supposed to appear later tonight.

Mustafa Ali and Alexander talk about last week’s match. Alexander says Enzo caught him sleeping and Brian Kendrick walks-in, and says he’ll be stuck on the bottom if Enzo keeps outsmarting him. Alexander says he doesn’t resort to Kendrick’s tactics, while Kendrick gives a back in his day speech and trash-talks the current generation. Alexander says he doesn’t have to cheat and backstab to get to the top. Kendrick calls him spineless and walks off.

We see Drew Gulak handing out his 205 Live fliers as we head to a commercial. Gulak is coming to the ring.

Gulak comes to the ring and starts to discuss his PowerPoint presentation being interrupted last week. He mocks Tozawa’s chant, and says that Tozawa is overseas and can’t answer his rematch challenge tonight. Gulak promises more PowerPoint! Slide 3: No Chants. Even Mr. McMahon’s music says “no chants,” and he fees they should compete in complete silence; they’re close; Slide 4: No Elaborate Ring Gear, and it’s a picture of Okada from NJPW wearing a mask!

Slide 5: No Interrupting, because it’s rude. A police siren hits and Tyler Breeze arrives along with Fandango. They make fun of Gulak, calling him Captain Underpants. Breeze says they are normally on Smackdown, but they got so many complaints about Gulak, so they had to come. They call Gulak a disgusting freak and he tries to bail. They plan to file fashion charges against him. Fandango cuffs him as Breeze reads Fashion related Miranda rights. Gulak tries to run, they trip him up and proclaim the streets safe and the case closed.

We get a recap of Enzo’s Miz TV appearance and loss, including Neville laughing at him backstage afterwards. We get a reminder of Kendrick putting Jack Gallagher on the disabled list in their no DQ match and it’s main event time.

The Brian Kendrick Vs. Cedric Alexander

Kendrick attacks Cedric as soon as the bell rings, but Alexander picks up the pace, hitting a head scissors and dropkick. Alexander follows with an enziguri, and follows with the springboard lariat for 2. Alexander looks for a German, but Kendrick holds onto the ropes, Alexander sends him to the floor and follows with a huge tope and the crowd are into it.

Back in and they work to the apron, but Kendrick slams Alexander off the buckle tie and sends him to the floor. Kendrick takes control back in and then Jack Gallagher, fresh off his marriage, arrives and Kendrick grabs the ring bell. Gallagher then backs off and attacks Alexander with William III!!

No Contest

He follows with ground and pound; Gallagher lays him out with a head butt and sends him to the floor. Gallagher shakes hands with Kendrick, and Kendrick smiles. What the heck?!

That’s it for this week’s 205 Live! Let us know what you thought of that twist and I will see you back here next Monday night for more Raw!

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