WWE SmackDown Live Results – September 5 2017

SmackDown Live opens with a recap of last week’s main event and hype for tonight’s showdown between Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura.

We go live to the arena and Tom Phillips explains why JBL is no longer on the commentary team and welcomes Corey Graves to the table.

We see Randy Orton backstage in what looks like a boiler room. Orton says he has watched more stars rise and burn than he can count. Shinsuke Nakamura is definitely a star but he too can burn. He says he hit Nakamura with an RKO last week to remind him that all it takes is one second. No-one will stop him from taking the title from Jinder Mahal. No-one rises higher than The Viper.

We see Shinsuke Nakamura backstage, in the dressing room shadow boxing. Nakamura says that everyone knows the legend of Randy Orton but he is chasing his own destiny. Nothing will stop him from becoming the next WWE Champion and the pain he inflicts on The Viper will be felt throughout the world.

James Ellsworth and Carmella are in the ring and just as Ellsworth starts to introduce his lady-friend, out comes Kevin Owens. KO walks to the ring and says that he will be the guest referee for Carmella’s match with Natalya up next. However, Shane McMahon makes his way down to the ring. McMahon says he came down here to nip this in the bud, he says KO can’t just make himself a referee. Shane says he has been very patient but Owens has been defiant and they need to make something clear: “you need to stop blaming me for your losses”.

Shane recounts the times when Kevin competed for the United States Championship and lost, only to then blame him. Owens says that Shane interfered in all of those matches and cost him the title. Owens says he knows Shane doesn’t want him on SmackDown Live and he doesn’t want to be here either, he wishes he was still on Raw. Shane says that doesn’t surprise him because on Raw, Triple H literally handed him the title. Shane then tells Owens to stop blaming him for his shortcomings.

Owens says of course he has everything to do with it. Owens says that Shane puts himself in all situations on SmackDown, seemingly to prove himself to his Daddy. Owens mocks Shane, saying he jumps off of the cell etc, in order to prove himself to Vince. KO says that’s the only reason Shane brought his kids to WrestleMania and Shane tells him to never mention his kids again. Owens carries on and says that Shane even survived a helicopter crash but the McMahon Family would be better off if he hadn’t! KO then says especially Shane’s kids…

Shane beats Owens down until he rolls from the ring. Shane chases him out and almost falls but recovers well and tackles Owens over the announce table. Shane beats KO down on the ground until officials and Daniel Bryan come down and stop him. Shane walks off looking like he regrets that. Well, SmackDown Live is off to a fiery start!

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We return to SDLive and get a replay of what just happened. We see referee’s helping Owens to the back but he can barely walk. Daniel Bryan appears and apologises to Owens and says Shane was out of line. Owens says that of course he did, he can’t help himself. Owens says that SmackDown will literally become the Kevin Owens show because he is going to sue Shane, sue WWE, sue the McMahon Family, and take them all down. He is going to destroy WWE. Bryan tells him there is a better way to do this and Owens agrees, saying he will charge criminal offences to Shane himself.

Natalya makes her way to the ring to face Carmella, who is still thee following the brawl. Next week, Natalya will face Naomi for the Women’s Championship, live from Las Vegas!

Carmella W/James Ellsworth Vs. Natalya

The bell rings and Natalya begins with a side headlock takedown on Carmella. Carmella with a spinning head scissors takedown and follows it up with a dropkick for a two count. Natalya with a big slap. Carmella slaps her right back but then eats a discus clothesline. Carmella bails to the outside as Natalya tries brawling with her.

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Carmella avoids a Sharpshooter attempt back live. Natalya tosses Carmella to the corner. Carmella fires back with a superkick. Ellsworth accidentally throws the Money in the Bank briefcase inside the ring. Carmella yells at Ellsworth that she doesn’t want to cash in the briefcase right now. Natalya rolls up Carmella and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Natalya

After the match, we see James Ellsworth accidentally dropped the briefcase inside the ring when he jumped up on the ring apron to distract Natalya. Back live, Carmella grabs a mic and Ellsworth is apologizing to her. She says he doesn’t have to apologize. Carmella says Ellsworth is the sorriest excuse for a human being she’s ever met. She says he isn’t even a human. Carmella calls him a genetic defect. She doesn’t understand why he is still employed. Carmella calls Ellsworth a charity case and that his mother should have given him away at birth. She calls him lucky to even be in here. Carmella says they are done.

Dolph Ziggler re-debuts next, apparently.

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Dolph Ziggler and we get the usual music and look. Ziggler grabs a mic and says the entire WWE Universe has no appreciation for what he can do in the ring. He calls himself the greatest performer in WWE history. Ziggler said they just want some dumb gimmick. He throws down the mic and heads to the back.

John Cena’s music goes off and Ziggler runs back out with a Cena hat on. Ziggler tosses it to the crowd and mocks Cena talking to the camera. He stops himself and says the crowd must want nostalgia. Ziggler heads to the back again. He walks back out with a woman to the “Macho Man” Randy Savage’s theme. Ziggler is wearing a red robe and says the crowd must not be buying it. He gives the robe to the woman and tells her to head to the back.

Ziggler once again goes backstage. He comes back out to Naomi’s theme wearing glowing hair. Ziggler does the Naomi knee slide. He says the crowd must want “dumb ass” stuff like this. Ziggler says anyone can do that, but no one can do what he does in the ring.

Sami Zayn vs. Aiden English is up next.

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