Seth Rollins recently spoke with the Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast. Here are some highlights from the interview:

The Reunion With Dean Ambrose: “The last couple of weeks and really this whole thing with Ambrose has gone extremely well and I think that’s just a testament to he and I, and The Shield, and the bond we sort of created with the audience over the past five or six years, stuff like that and we’ve been doing it, so it’s cool to see that everyone’s still emotionally invested in us as characters. And the fact that we are now on the same side, people are excited to see where we go moving forward.” Rollins joked, “keep me away from that world title picture right now! I’m having fun doing what I’m doing here. I think the fact that people are so emotionally invested in myself and Ambrose is really cool.”

Roman Reigns Possibly Joining The Reunion: “He’s obviously doing just fine for himself. Yeah, he’s doing alright. Whether you love him or hate him, he’s doing alright. He [has] been in three WrestleManias in the main event now, which is… hey, say what you will about it, but it’s an impressive feat. There are not many men in the history of our industry who’ve been able to do that. So who knows? I mean, right now we’re happy with where we’re at and we’re in a good spot with me and Dean. If we do tell that story, we’ve got a long way to get there and if it happens, I’d welcome it. I’d welcome the possibility, but I’m really happy with the Ambrose situation right now and I don’t want to force anything.”

The Reunion With Ambrose Not Being Laid Out Far in Advance: “I believe what the plan was for me and Bray Wyatt to go a few pay-per-views. And them, whatever happened, happened. Something changed and they shuffled the deck and they ended up having to reposition, which, actually, worked out much better for me, in my personal opinion. But yeah, it [has] been almost a month or so that I’ve kind of known that we were heading in this direction.”

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