WWE SmackDown Live Results – August 29 2017

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SmackDown Live from Little Rock, Arkansas, opens with the announcement that Shinsuke Nakamura will team with Randy Orton to face Rusev and Jinder Mahal in the main event.

The Singh Brothers are on the stage and introduce the WWE Champion, Jinder Mahal!

Jinder and the Singh’s come to the ring and get loudly booed. Jinder says that tonight he will team with Rusev tonight to show his in-ring acumen. Mahal says that no-one says what it is like to walk a mile in his shoes. He represents Asia and has been shown nothing but respect. The fans chant “USA”, and Jinder stops and stares disdainfully.

Jinder says he should be revered as WWE Champion. He says he is the best of the best and somebody must pay the price for the disrespect he has been shown. The Singh Brothers say they embarrassed Jinder, and start to apologise but break down crying. It’s great. They apologise to the 1 billion plus people in Asia, as well as their parents, and the Maharaja. They say that Nakamura should never have laid a hand on Mahal last week, and vow that he never will again. They beg to get down and kiss Mal’s feet, to which he agrees. Just before they can lock their lips to his boots however…

Nakamura gets inside the ring and pushes The Singh Brothers aside. Mahal tries to throw a shot at Nakamura. Nakamura blocks it, throw elbows and The Singh Brothers go on the attack. Mahal with a superkick to Nakamura. The Singh Brothers and Mahal start attacking Nakamura when Randy Orton runs out. Orton clears house on The Singh Brothers and goes after Mahal. Here comes Rusev. Rusev levels Orton with a big superkick after hitting the ropes. The Singh Brothers pick up Nakamura. Mahal connects with his Cobra Clutch slam on Nakamura to close the segment.

Still to come, AJ Styles’ US Open Challenge. Up next, Shelton Benjamin teams with Chad Gable for his first match in WWE in 7 years!

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Next week, Randy Orton will go one-on-one with Shinsuke Nakamura to determine the number one contender to Jinder Mahal!

The Ascension Vs. Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin

We start with Chad Gable and Viktor. Gable with a big overhead suplex and a knee to the gut. Tag to Shelton Benjamin who gets a big reaction. Benjamin pulls Gable off Viktor and connects with a butterfly suplex. Gable gets the tag and connects with an overhead belly to belly on Viktor. Gable with a shot to Konnor but then Chad gets tossed out as we head to a commercial.

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We return to see Gable on his knee’s as Konnor stands tall over him. Konnor plants Gable with a spinebuster. Tag to Viktor who stomps away at Gable. Konnor cuts Gable off from tagging out. Gable side steps Konnor in the corner. Hot tag to Benjamin and a tag to Viktor.

Benjamin with clotheslines, high back body drop and a spin kick comb to Konnor and Viktor. Benjamin leaps over the top rope and kicks Viktor in the head. Benjamin with a top rope clothesline and Konnor breaks up the pinfall. Konnor is sent over the top rope. Benjamin drives Viktor down face first, hooks the leg and gets the pinfall for the tag teams debut.

Winners: Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin

Later tonight, The New Day will face The Uso’s, with the winning team getting to choose the stipulation for their next Championship match.

Renee Young interviews Baron Corbin backstage and starts to ask about him failing to cash-in the Money in the Bank briefcase. Corbin snaps at her and says that he didn’t fail anything, John Cena prevented him from winning the match. Now Cena has gone and hidden on Raw and that’s fine, that’s life. Corbin says the way he sees it, a new opportunity has presented itself with AJ Styles’ open challenge and he plans to answer it. The open challenge is next!

We get a hurricane Harvey relief video from the Superstar’s before we head to the break.

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WWE United States Champion AJ Styles heads to the ring and is ready for his open challenge. Styles grabs a mic and brings up Kevin Owens losing his chance to ever challenge for his title again as long as he holds it. He talks about re-opening the open challenge to the entire Smackdown Live roster and it starts right now.

Tye Dillinger walks out to accept the challenge. Baron Corbin walks out and cuts off Dillinger saying it is his turn. Dillinger shoves him away. Corbin attacks Dillinger and tells him to try and answer the challenge now. Corbin gets up on the ring apron when Dillinger attacks him inside the ring. Dillinger throws Corbin to the steel ring post and calls for the bell to ring to get the match officially started.

AJ Styles Vs. Tye Dillinger

The bell rings and Dillinger chops away at Styles in the corner. Dillinger with shots to Styles in the corner. Styles with a big elbow to Dillinger from the ring apron. Dillinger catches Styles, Styles counters and locks on the Calf Crusher. Dillinger taps out.

Winner: AJ Styles

After the match, Baron Corbin pulls Tye Dillinger out and throws him at the barricade. AJ Styles catches Corbin with a forearm when he tries rolling inside the ring. Corbin is not happy and kicks the steel ring steps yelling at Styles. Styles holds up his title. Corbin is kinda boring, and he’s always interrupting things we actually wanna see.

Backstage, we see Rusev getting ready when Jinder Mahal walks in. He talks about Bulgaria and India coming together tonight. Rusev said tonight is only about revenge. He said Mahal isn’t his friend and that he came to Smackdown to become WWE Champion. Rusev said after they win tonight, he is coming after Mahal and the WWE Championship.

Bobby Roode is in action next!

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