WWE Monday Night Raw Results – August 21 2017

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Kurt Angle comes out to the stage to a chorus of “Your Suck”. Angle says he has an announcement and promised a surprise for everyone. So, for the first time in over a year, here’s your surprise:

Cena comes to the ring to mostly boos from the Barclays Centre. He asks if they were expecting him and the entire arena breaks down in a chant of Let’s Go Cena/Cena Sucks. Cena asks, “Why am I here?”

John says he saw Angle backstage at SummerSlam and was asked if he wanted to come to Raw. He immediately said yes, and not because SmackDown is bad, but because he has wanted for a long time to stand face-to-face with a certain WWE Superstar…

Wow! I don’t know if the WWE Universe can handle these two polarizing figures being in the same ring! Reigns comes to the ring and the Barclays Centre cannot figure out what it wants to chant. Cena says Roman is exactly who he was looking for.

Roman seems surprised that Cena has been looking for him, saying that the only time he sees Cena look for him is when he runs his mouth on Twitter. He asks now that Cena is in his yard, will he run his mouth to his face. The crowd start a loud “Undertaker” chant, and Cena says the fans can hold a grudge. Cena says he didn’t come here to talk and drops the microphone, then takes off his shirt. Before the two can engage in fisticuffs however, The Miz and The Miztourage come out.

The Miz says this is what a sold-out Barclays Centre looks like, but mispronounced Barclays, and Cena immediately corrects him and says to take the marbles out of his mouth. Miz carries on and says that these two sharing a ring is such a special moment but how many moments do these two get to have? The fans cheer like crazy for that. Miz says that you’re told in life that if you work hard and plough away, you’ll get chances, but he’s sick of these two undeserving people getting moments week after week.

Miz says he doesn’t understand why Kurt Angle thinks Raw needs a new Superstar when the Intercontinental Champion had to sit on the sidelines at SummerSlam. Miz asks the fans if want John Cena on Raw and they chant no. Cena says that he’s a man of the people so he’ll see himself out. Miz stops Cena and says no, you won’t spoil this moment. Cena smirks and Miz says that that is exactly what pisses him off, not getting taken seriously.

The fans cheer Miz and he says they’re to blame as well, because they don’t know whether to cheer or boo Cena and Roman, and that only hurts him, the only Champion in the ring. Miz rants about how he deserves opportunities and respect, he’s earned that for twelve damn years. Cena says we should give Miz a moment and suggests a tag team match with him and Roman tonight. the Miz says no, that he isn’t in a position to have a match tonight. Suddenly out comes Samoa Joe!

Samoa Joe stands between Roman and Cena and says he has a strong opinion about this whole situation. Joe says if anyone is going to be Miz’s partner tonight, it’s going to be him. Joe says he is sick of Roman coming out here every week saying this is his yard and he says that to his face, because one on one he owns Roman. Joe then looks at Cena, what a moment this actually is, and before saying much Joe lays him with a right hand! Joe punches Cena in the corner while Roman fights off the Miztourage. Cena picks up Joe for the AA but Joe slides down and applies the Coquida Clutch only for Reigns to hit him with a Superman punch. Joe leaves the ring and retreats furious, while Roman and Cena stare at each other and get booed. “You both suck” chants the fans.

The commentators talk up the moment of Cena and Reigns being in the ring together but the real frickin’ moment is Samoa Joe and John Cena, that’s akin to Styles and Cena’s first meeting. Mark my words, Joe and Cena would have a match of the year if they got the chance. Later tonight, Sasha Banks celebrates her title win, and we will hear from Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

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Drew Gulak, Tony Nese, Ariya Daivari & Noam Dar vs. Gran Metalik, Rich Swann, Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali

We start with Gulak and Metalik. Metalik getst he better of Gulak. Ali and Daivari get the tag. Daivari kicks Ali in the corner. Ali with a top rope cross body on Daivari. Swann gets the tag and nearly levels Daivari with a superkick. Nese gets the tag after Dar refuses to tag himself in. Nese counts his eight abs as we head to a break.

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We return live as Swann is throwing right hands at Gulak. Swann kicks Gulak in the head. Brooklyn is starting a wave. Nese and Alexander get the tag. Alexander kicks Nese in the head and kicks him again in the corner from the ring apron.

Alexander with a springboard clothesline and Gulak breaks up the pinfall attempt. Metalik with a top rope moonsault over Nese and Gulak on the outside. Inside the ring, Alexander hits Nese with a handstand kick, followed by a wicked-looking Lumbar Check for the win!

Winners: Gran Metalik, Rich Swann, Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali

Backstage, Charly Caruso is with new WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville. He starts running down Akira Tozawa when Titus O’Neil walks up with Tozawa. Titus calls Neville a gargoyle. Tozawa wants a rematch tomorrow night on 205 Live.

The new WWE RAW Tag Team Champions are up next!

*Commercial Break*

Backstage, Kurt Angle is on his phone when Jason Jordan walks in. Angle hugs him. Jason isn’t looking for preferred treatment, but he wants a match tonight. Angle wonders if this is about what happened with Miz last night. Jordan wants a match with Finn Balor. Angle asks if Jordan is ready for that level of competition, to which he says yes and the match is set.

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose come to the ring to a raucous reception. Rollins said it is great to be standing here in the ring with Ambrose and holding up the RAW Tag Team Championships. A loud “YES” chant from Brooklyn. Ambrose says it feels good and even slept with the title under his pillow last night. Rollins wasn’t sure this would ever happen again, but these people believed. Rollins says tonight is a party and everyone is invited, everyone minus Sheamus and Cesaro who will no doubt want their rematch, so let’s do it!

Here comes The Hardy Boyz instead! Matt grabs a mic as a loud “DELETE” chant breaks out. He lets out a “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS” smiling at Ambrose and Rollins. Jeff wants to say congratulations for winning the titles last night. Matt says it’s beautiful when brothers fight and even more so when they get back together. Matt challenges them to a match.

Rollins asks if they are serious, “We grew up idolizing you guys”.. Matt says the fans chant for a reason and they want to revolutionize the tag division in Brooklyn. Rollins agrees and Matt calls for a referee to come out here right now and here he comes! Wow!

*Commercial Break*

Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose Vs. The Hardy Boyz

We are back live after The Hardy’s double team Ambrose. Tag to Rollins. Ambrose and Rollins with a pair of dropkicks on Jeff. The Hardy’s double team Rollins dropping him on the back of his head.

Tag to Matt who brings down Rollins in a side headlock. Rollins drops Matt face first into the second turnbuckle, tags in Ambrose and Ambrose hits a sliding clothesline. Rollins follows it up with a jumping knee. Jeff tags himself in and dropkicks Rollins. Matt escapes Dirty Deeds and all four men are in the ring.

All four men back off and stare each other down before a brawl breaks out. Matt kicks Ambrose to the outside. Jeff with a jawbreaker and clothesline to Rollins on the outside. Jeff dives and takes out Rollins as we head to a break.

*Commercial Break*

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