WWE Monday Night Raw Results – August 21 2017


Raw from the Barclays Centre opens with Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar making their way to the ring. Brock has a huge grin on his face. We see highlights of last night’s brutal match in which Brock defeated Braun Strowman, Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns.

After a while of cheering from the fans, Heyman finally introduces him and the WWE Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar. Heyman says we aren’t watching a rerun or stuck in a time loop, Lesnar is still the Champion. What amazes him after all these years, is that people still don’t believe him when he delivers spoilers. He says there is a conspiracy within WWE against Brock Lesnar that played out last night. He says Braun Strowman took Lesnar out of the match, the first time Brock was ever stretchered anywhere in his life, so that the three could steal the title and get Brock fired. But what did Brock Lesnar do? He denied medical attention, and came back down to the ring to conquer or be conquered.

Heyman makes a point of saying that Brock Lesnar pinned Roman Reigns in the main event of SummerSlam and the fans cheer loudly. Heyman says that from this moment forward, if there is beatings to be done, victimisation to be handed out, or conquering to do, be it in WWE or UFC, it will be done by one man: BROCK LESNAR! But wait…

Braun Strowman comes down to the ring and stands right up to Brock as Heyman leaves the ring. Without saying a word Strowman grabs Lesnar by the throat! Lesnar escapes and hits the ropes, only to be caught with a big boot. Strowman lifts Brock and hits a running powerslam. Lesnar slowly gets to his feet and Strowman hits him with another powerslam before lifting the Universal Championship and holding it high. The Monster Among Men has set his sights on the title.

After the break, Enzo Amore will face Big Cass in a Brooklyn Street Fight, a match requested by Enzo.

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Brooklyn Street Fight

Big Cass Vs. Enzo Amore

Before the match, Enzo cuts a promo on Cass about becoming friends 15 years ago in the streets of New York. He said tonight it ends between them. Enzo goes to the back and brings back out a grocery cart filled with weapons.

Cass bails from the ring and heads up the ramp as the bell rings. Cass immediately knocks Enzo  flying and then pushes the shopping cart hitting Enzo with it. Cass launches Enzo back first into the ring barricade. Back inside the ring, Cass clobbers Enzo with a big boot and stands tall as we head to a break.

*Commercial Break*

Back live, Enzo goes for a steel chair and Cass cuts him off. Cass with a splash to Enzo in the corner. Cass drapes Enzo over the top turnbuckle and throws big forearms. Enzo pulls down the top rope when Cass charges in with a big boot and he flies to the outside – awkward landing for the big man.

Enzo crawls over and grabs the steel chair he tried to use earlier. Cass steps on the hand of Enzo to stop it. Cass tries to drop an elbow and his knee completely gives out. Cass looks really hurt. A WWE medical official starts to check on Cass who is angry. The referee throws up the dreaded X sign to the corner and calls for the bell.

Winner Via Forfeit: Enzo Amore

After the match, we see a replay of Big Cass going over the top rope and landing on his knee. We then see the knee giving out during his elbow drop attempt. A doctor tries to help Cass to the back but he’s livid. Meanwhile Enzo Amore celebrates his win and celebrates with a fan in the front row. Hopefully Cass isn’t too hurt.

Emma says Sasha shouldn’t have won that match last night. She shouldn’t have even had that match. She should have been in Sasha’s position. She laments about not getting chances despite the Twitter support. Emma says she has a match against Nia Jax tonight and she’s going to show everyone that she’s the best and Nia is a flash in the pan. Of course Jax is standing behind her and heard everything. Nia says that after their match tonight, Twitter will be trending with “#GiveEmmaCPR”. That match is up next.

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Nia Jax Vs. Emma

Emma slaps Jax right away and throws some elbows. Jax eventually levels her and drops a series of elbow drops. Jax lifts and launches Emma across the ring. Jax follows that up with a splash in the corner.

Emma with a quick dropkick, but Jax shrugs it off and connects with a big samoan drop on Emma. Jax hooks the leg and gets the quick pinfall.

Winner: Nia Jax

Backstage, Elias is headed to the arena to debut a new song, which Michael Cole is very excited about.

*Commercial Break*

Elias is inside the ring with his guitar in hand. He has one question for everyone in Brooklyn tonight. “Who wants to walk with Elias?” Elias was going to sing a song about Brooklyn, but everyone is ashamed to live there anyway. He has a song for R-Truth instead. Elias begins singing and he tells Brooklyn now is not the time to clap along. R-Truth interrupts.

Elias vs. R-Truth

Truth with a spinebuster early on Elias. Truth with shots to Elias. Elias catches Truth with a boot from the corner. Elias with a forearm tot he back and his spinning neckbreaker. Elias hooks the leg of Truth and gets the pinfall with his Drift Away finisher.

Winner: Elias

We see Kurt Angle walking to the ring and he apparently has a big Superstar announcement.

*Commercial Break*

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