WWE SummerSlam Results – August 20 2017

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Sasha Banks is out first, wearing an interesting headdress. Sasha aims to win her fourth Women’s Championshoip tonight!

WWE Raw Women’s Championship Match

(C) Alexa Bliss Vs. Sasha Banks

The bell rings and the two women circle each other. A stiff tie-up leads to Alexa being clobbered with forearms in the corner, then Alexa turns the tables. They go back and forth until the ref pulls Sasha back, then Alexa hits her with a real hard cheap shot.

Banks dodges a charging Bliss and takes her down into a headlock but Bliss escapes right away only to be caught with a dropkick. Alexa rolls to the apron and goes to the top rope for a crossbody for a two count. Another stiff forearm from Bliss earns a two count. Bliss pulls Sasha’s hair around the ropes before kicking her in the corner. Sasha takes to the top rope but Alexa hits the ropes and cuts Sasha down to the mat head-first. Alexa lays into Sasha with some ground and pound.

Bliss continues to control the pace with a headlock in the middle of the ring. Alexa drags Sasha to the corner and sits atop the turnbuckles, and applies a sleeper with Sasha hanging below. Bliss drops Sasha and hits double knees from the middle rope, then backflips with another set of double knees for a near-fall. Bliss applies a neck crank to Sasha and the crowd rally.

Alexa attacks Sasha in the corner with shoulder thrusts. Again Bliss looks for the hanging sleeper in the corner but this time Sasha flips her over and onto the mat. Sasha follows-up with a sliding knee and both women are down. They get to their feet and Sasha catches Bliss with two clotheslines, a dropkick and a neckbreaker of sorts. Alexa retaliates with a kick to the gut and a face slam to the knee. Alexa screams at Banks to give up but Sasha kicks her.

Alexa looks for a sunset flip from the corner but Sasha holds on and hits a reverse Alabamha Slam into the turnbuckles! Sasha knees and kicks Alexa in the corner multiple times and earns a near-fall. Banks hits the backstabber and locks in the Bank Statement but Alexa grabs the rope and rolls from the ring. Sasha goes to the apron and looks to leap off onto Alexa but Bliss pulls the ring skirt and Banks crashes to the floor.

Bliss brings Sasha back inside, then tosses her right back out and Sasha yelped and is now holding her shoulder. Banks makes it back into the ring at 9 and Alexa targets the shoulder right away. Bliss slams Sasha onto her shoulder hard before taking to the top rope and hitting Twisted Bliss but Sasha kicks out! Bliss drags Sasha to the centre of the ring but Banks reverses into a Bank Statement! Alexa yanks Sahsa’s arm over her shoulder and Sasha relents, allowing Bliss to roll her up but it’s not enough. Sasha immediately reapplies the Bank Statement and Bliss taps!

Winner and New Raw Women’s Champion: Sasha Banks

Wow! Our fourth title change of the night! That was a good match and with this many title changes it’s easy to see that WWE is planning another Superstar shake-up soon.

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