WWE SummerSlam Results – August 20 2017

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We’ve got some women’s action up next and we see a recap of the feud between Natalya and Naomi. Remember Miss Money In The Bank Carmella is lurking somewhere in the Barclays Centre. Tonight Natalya ties Trish Stratus for most PPV appearances for a woman ever!

WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship Match

(Naomi) Vs. Natalya

Natalya hits a big right hand as soon as the bell rings, but Naomi is able to recover and take her down with a dropkick. Nattie rolls out of the ring, and Naomi follows for a kick to the face and a blockbuster off the stairs to the floor! Natalya is able to take over and she slingshots Naomi on the apron into the ring post, causing her to crash to the floor. Great start to this match.

Nattie controls the pace of the match as she hits a suplex for a two count. Natalya keeps yelling at the ref to do his job whenever Naomi kicks out at two. She yells at the crowd to shut up while locking Naomi in an abdominal stretch. She lifts up the back leg to add to Naomi’s pain. Eventually Naomi is is able to escape, but a discus clothesline puts her down for yet another near fall.

Naomi is able to pull Nattie off the middle rope to buy herself time to recover. They trade rights and lefts for a moment. Naomi nails a spin kick before planting Natalya’s face into the mat with a headscissors. Naomi slingshots herself over the top rope to hit a leg drop while Natalya is draped across the middle rope. She makes the cover, but Nattie kicks out at two.

Natalya counters Naomi’s submission finisher into a Sharpshooter – although it always bugs me that she turns them over to their back, just to flip them back over with the Sharpshooter, why not just lift the legs and do it from the stomach?! Anyways, Naomi muscles herself up and sends Natalya into the corner headfirst! Naomi looks for a split-legged moonsault but Natalya blocks it with her knees and locks in the Sharpshooter again to get the win and become the new SD women’s champion!

Winner and New SmackDown Women’s Champion: Natalya

Another title change! After the match, Natalya looks smug as she raises the title in the corner. Meanwhile, Naomi is licking her wounds and shedding a few tears in the middle of the ring.

We get a commercial for the SmackDown exclusive-PPV No Mercy that features Alexa Bliss and creepy Bliss cheerleaders chanting No Mercy. Great commercial.

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