WWE SummerSlam Results – August 20 2017

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Shane McMahon is out first as the special guest referee between Styles and Owens.

WWE United States Championship Match

(C) AJ Styles Vs. Kevin Owens

Owens shoves AJ before the bell, so AJ takes him down. McMahon breaks it up and calls for the bell. Styles goes after Kevin and drives him from the ring with a few punches. They go back and forth until Styles gains the upper hand by jumping onto the apron and hitting Owens with a running knee.

Back inside the ring, KO jabs AJ in the throat but Shane didn’t notice, or care. He leapfrogs Owens only to end up on the receiving end of a clothesline.

A cannonball followed by a senton get Owens a near-fall. Styles eventually fights out of a headlock, but KO takes him down hard by the neck to get another two count. AJ and Kevin exchange punches until Styles drops KO with a facebuster. Both men counter each other multiple times before AJ catches KO with a fireman’s carry neckbreaker for a close fall. Owens crotches Styles on the top rope, but when he attempts a superplex, Styles turns it into a sunset flip powerbomb!

Shane is checking on Owens when AJ goes for a springboard 45 and he lands right on top of both men. AJ goes for the pin but only gets a near-fall. AJ gets in Shane’s face and yells at him for not making the count fast enough. He runs at AJ and ends up hitting the ring post. Styles rolls him into the Calf Crusher, so Owens rakes the eyes to escape. Owens kicks AJ into Shane and he goes tumbling out of the ring. Styles puts him back in the Calf Crusher, but Shane isn’t there to see him tap.

Kevin and AJ both have problems with Shane, but he keeps calling the match down the middle. Styles sets up Owens on the top rope for a hurricanrana, but KO catches him and hits a twisting fisherman’s suplex from the middle rope for another two count. The look on Shane’s face when Owens hit the move was hilarious. They trade punches again, but this time it’s Owens who gets the last shot. Styles somehow gets Owens up into the Styles Clash, but the challenger kicks out at two.

Owens ducks the Phenomenal Forearm and hits the Popup Powerbomb. He thinks he won, but Shane says AJ got his foot on the rope.
Shane and Owens get into a shoving match and AJ rolls up Owens for a close fall. AJ gets on the apron and hits the Phenomenal Forearm before finishing him off with a second Styles Clash for the wi!

Winner: AJ Styles

Finally a Champion has retained their title tonight! That was the best match the two have had, even if it had a whole lot of Shane interference. I expect Shane and Owens to enter a feud pretty soon.

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