Impact Wrestling Spoilers – August 17th, 2017


Next Taping:

* Taryn Terrell comes out. Taryn cuts a promo and says she is tired of the Gail show. Came back to help her retire. Gail comes out and runs Taryn off.

* OVE defeated The Heatseekers when Sigmon was pinned after a Superkick to the Face & to the Knee combo.

* Grado & Joseph Park come out so Grado can say Goodbye. Grado says his time is up. Fans erupt with “Thank You Grado” “Please Don’t Go” dueling chants. Laurel is out and she is no longer Laurel Van Mess. Laurel is a changed woman because of Grado. Laurel proposes to Grado. Grado says yes. Fans are eating this up big time. Kong out to break up the party, but Shera cuts him off and Kong backs down.

* Gauntlet is up next and is last match of the night. The Gauntlet has entrants every 90 seconds. Over the top elimination until final two, then becomes pinfall or submission.

* Gauntlet starts with Eli Drake and Eddie Edwards. Bokarra is next out in the gauntlet. Eddie Kingston is next out in the gauntlet. Braxton Sutter is next. Richard Justice is out next. EC3 is the next entrant. Next up is Kongo Kong. Suicide is out for the gauntlet. Shera is up next. Chris Adonis comes out next. EC3 tosses Justice immediately. Shera low bridges Kong or of the ring. Drake & Adonis dump Shera. Fantasma is out next. Former WWE Superstar John Morrison, now Johnny Impact comes out next in the gauntlet.

* Garza Jr out for the gauntlet. Johnny eliminates Adonis then Suicide. Garza takes out Braxton. Fallah Bahh is the next participant. KM is out now followed by Taiji Ishimori. Lashley comes out and he eliminates KM, Fallah & Ishimori. Out comes Moose and he powerbombs Garza out. Low-Ki is the final entrant. Fantasma is eliminated. Moose & Edwards eliminated EC3. Moose tosses out Low-Ki.

* The final 5 are Moose, Johnny Impact, Eddie Edwards, Lashley, and Eli Drake. Moose eliminates Lashley. Down to Edwards, Moose, Drake & Johnny Impact. Edwards eliminates Moose. Drake fought off elimination for a while as Eddie & Johnny slug it out. Drake eliminated Johnny. Drake vs. Edwards is the last match to crown the new champion. Eli Drake pinned Eddie Edwards after a Gravy Train to win the GFW Title. The fans are going crazy.

* American Top Team strikes again as first Brian Hebner gets attacked & now Stifler.

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