Global Force Wrestling is set to tape twelve episodes in a row for Impact Wrestling starting tomorrow and one wrestler in particular has had enough with the company.

Tyrus (Brodus Clay) indicated in a new Instagram video today that he very unhappy with his position in the company and voiced his frustrations.

In the clip, Tyrus vents about how he’s been treated like a “second class citizen” creatively with Global Force Wrestling and he’s tired of playing phone tag with management over the last few tapings. Tyrus would go on to mention that he is “taking a knee” and will be on “hold out status” until creative uses him properly.

You can check out his remarks below:


As previously reported, a lot of talent within the company are not impressed with the new management since being bought by Anthem Sports. Jeff Jarrett brought his friends in to work for the company and made many changes on how contracts and talents are being treated. This resulted in many talents leaving the company.

Steve Carrier

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