Bischoff on Wrestling Recap – Dolph Ziggler’s Time Off, Running WCW in 2000, Is Kayfabe Dead? More!

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Bischoff says that GFW is seemingly unable to make a move that doesn’t appear goofy at the moment. Their ‘internal investigation’ of the Alberto El Patron/Paige situation has apparently clued up and has resulted in them stripping the Title from El Patron. Bischoff wonders what this investigation consisted of, and he considers this to just be another goofy story out of the GFW camp.

Hausman asks Bischoff if he thinks ‘smart marks’ are ruining the wrestling business. Bischoff says he hates the term ‘smart mark’ because it’s a derogatory term used to refer to hardcore fans. He doesn’t want to use that word on this show anymore, but to answer the question, he says that hardcore fans should just try to sit back and enjoy the product more often instead of overanalyzing everything.

Bischoff says WCW’s ‘Dungeon of Doom’ was absolutely horrible. He admits to discussing that creative with Kevin Sullivan, and he says he should have never let that happen. He calls it the ‘silliest shi*’ that he ever approved for WCW programming, and he’s spent the last 20 years trying to forget it.

A listener calls into the show and asks Bischoff what the most difficult part was in trying to balance his executive position in WCW with his on screen character. He says the hardest thing about balancing those two roles was the extreme amount of work that accompanied both roles. He spent all day dealing with the executive side of the business, and would then have to transition into the character of Eric Bischoff before showtime for multiple rehearsals and run-throughs. Time management was crucial for him.

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