Bischoff on Wrestling Recap – Dolph Ziggler’s Time Off, Running WCW in 2000, Is Kayfabe Dead? More!

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Hausman also points out that according to a recent report, Dolph Ziggler is not on WWE programming right now because the creative team simply doesn’t have anything for him. Bischoff considers Ziggler to be a multi-talented individual who is extremely skilled athletically, and he thinks Ziggler could be doing more in WWE. However, if he was Ziggler, he would look at this as a new opportunity.

He says that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and sometimes the best thing for a talent (even one as good as Ziggler) is to go away for a little bit before coming back refreshed with an exciting angle and a revitalized energy. WWE is introducing a lot of new talent right now and there’s only so much television time to go around, so this isn’t a completely dire situation for Ziggler, who will certainly come back with a vengeance in a few months.

Bischoff points out that when he brought Hulk Hogan into WCW at first, his goal was to make Hogan a special attraction and that meant Hogan only worked four PPVs a year and semi-regular television tapings. He says that Hogan had his own locker room backstage but that didn’t prevent him from spending time with other talents because he loved being around people. Bischoff adds that there was no conflict backstage between part-timers like Hogan and the rest of the roster.

Bischoff doesn’t believe the wrestling business should be unionized. He says that if Jesse Ventura would have been successful in his attempt to unionize the wrestling business in the 90’s, he would have effectively killed the business. Bischoff says the economic status of the wrestling business simply wouldn’t survive a unionization.

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