5 Twists We Could See at SummerSlam

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Enzo Screws The Big Show

Enzo Amore is not in a good place backstage right now and many fans are concerned about his future on screen once he is done with this whole Big Show/Cass feud.

Rumors have begun circulating this week that the company are considering an Enzo heel turn this Sunday, and while an out and out Enzo heel turn might be one option, having him screw The Big Show in an effort to win his former tag partner back over could be a smarter twist.

Cass screwed Enzo because he was sick of him being a liability and up until now, Enzo has fought back, but what if, on Sunday night, he decides to try and convince Cass that he has some worth and throws him a pair of brass knucks, or say… the big gold chain he carries around his neck for him to use.

Cass could, of course, continue to neglect Enzo after the match but the smack-talker, sky-walker, could spend the next few months trying to win him back. It would add an interesting layer to the narrative, while also keeping Enzo as a sympathetic character.

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