Summerslam is nearly upon us, and WWE has promised to give us a four hour event. Whew. In one of those four hours, the New Day will do battle once again with their hated enemies, the Usos. It’s very likely that the New Day will emerge victorious after the Biggest Fight/Party/Event of the Summer™.

After that, what will be next for the tag team division? Who will step up and challenge the New Day? Who will prevent them from holding on to the titles for 400 days? Right now, no one really knows. I, however, have a few ideas.

The Hype Bros

Everyone’s got this gut feeling that the Hype Bros are not long for this earth. One of them is sure to betray the other. Before that can happen, though, they can challenge the Smackdown Tag Team Champions in September. Come Night of Champions, maybe the Hyper Brosephs will be given another (read: their only) shot at the blue belts.


Both men (Zack Ryder in particular) are talented performers. Quite frankly it’s astonishing that someone as talented and as skilled as Zack Ryder has spent most of his career doing absolutely nothing. It’s crazy. Even if they aren’t going to win (they probably aren’t), it would give both men something to do.

Both Hype Brothers are extremely underrated on the microphone. Have them play the heels to the fun-loving, zany, New Day. They can be serious. They can be desperate. Heck, they could be vicious.

Also, have Ryder bust out his 450 Splash. It’s pretty cool.


Both Tyler Breeze and Fandango can be very proud of one achievement: they had one of the best matches of the night on a card where Shinsuke Nakamura fought Dolph Ziggler and AJ Styles fought Kevin Owens. Their match at Backlash against the Usos showed that they could hang with the best, and that they were top quality performers.

While the Usos would crush their dreams through general jiggery-pokery, Breezango definitely deserve another shot at the title. They can talk, they can fight, and they are well-liked by the fans.

Imagine the promos between Breezango and the New Day. They would be hilarious. The New Day rarely ever has to play the straight man, so to see them doing so would be funny. The match itself wouldn’t even be bad, because both teams are excellent performers.

Just imagine the Fashion Files. The one time New Day were on the Fashion Files, it was amusing. Bring them back on it.

The Ascension

This one is definitely a little “out there”. After all, very few people are clamoring and jumping out of their seats for an Ascension title reign. No one really does that for the Ascension.

However, I see nothing wrong with having them challenge for the tag team titles. The division is so small, it shouldn’t really be an issue. You can even use this to pad out the New Day’s title reign. Have them fight and defeat the Ascension, and boom, the title reign is now 28 days longer. Cool.

With all the personality Konnor and Viktor have shown in the Fashion Files, I’m more than willing to watch a program between them and the New Day. So since it’s no harm, no foul, I believe that sooner or later, the Ascension will challenge the New Day.

It might be great.

Steve Carrier

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