It was previously reported that Tessa Blanchard mentioned on Twitter that her stepfather Magnum TA was denied entry into one of Disney’s parks. Magnus has since then issued the following statement regarding the incident on Facebook:

It’s about overcoming and being independent. About the never ending fight not to be treated as a “lesser than ” and utilizing technology and ingenuity to keep from being a burden on those around us.

The lack of understanding I encountered at the Magic Kingdom frankly in 2017 astounds me.

A magic moment with our twins will never be recaptured and sometimes I’m sorry just doesn’t get it.


I try and never ask anyone for any preferential treatment, but I’ll be less than honest if I didn’t think had I been in the company of my old contemporaries the experience would have been much different.

That is not the experience Walt Disney envisioned, I have no doubt.

If Anything, I hope this raises awareness so other young innocents don’t have to share the same experience if their mom or dad have any special challenges. #DisneyWorld.

Tessa’s sister, Taylor Blanchard, has also posted on the issue:

I never rant on facebook, but I am severely disappointed in Disney.

As many of you know Terry Allen-Magnum TA uses a Segway (with a seat) as his daily mode of transportation after a career ending car accident leaving him paralyzed down the right side of his body. Today he was denied entrance into Magic Kingdom because the park doesn’t not allow Segway’s. They had no left handed operating wheelchairs for him to use. It makes zero sense to me why the park would not make this simple accommodation for someone. They claim to not allow Segways in the park yet offer a Segway tour in Epcot?!….My little brother and sister were so excited for their first trip to Disney World ?I’m not an expert but surely this is a violation of the ADA. This made me so sad! I’m praying something turns around for my family on their trip. Vacations are an extreme rarity for them and I hope that this is not what is most memorable from their trip.

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