We begin with a look back at last week’s match between John Cena and Shinsuke Nakamura. Then we take a look at the post match involvement of Baron Corbin and what happened between Cena and Corbin.

We are in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and your announcers are Tom Phillips, John Layfield, and Byron Saxton. John Cena makes his way to the ring. John says there are some excited people and some upset people. John says he is as fired up as all of you. John says any night, WWE provides moments that will last a lifetime. The stage was set last week. A trip to SummerSlam and a title match. John says it was Super Cena against the King of Strong Style. John says he found out quick that Nakamura is afraid of nothing. John says he did not know why you chanted for Nakamura but he found out that Nakamura hits hard . . . real hard. John says he was doing his thing and he thought he was going to punch his ticket for SummerSlam.

Then the referee was raising Nakamura’s hand. Cena was wondering what happened and it hit him. John says he lost the match. There was no blind referee, no foul play, no Montreal Screw Job. He just lost. John says that does not happen a lot to him but he did the only thing he could do. He shook the hand of the man who earned the right to become the champ. Out of respect, Nakamura shook his hand back. Baron Corbin’s new music plays and he makes his way to the stage with his briefcase. Baron tells John to stop it. He says he is so sick and tired of people talking about this stupid handshake. Who cares about the dream match. You stuck your nose in his business. Baron says he does what he wants, when he wants because he has the Money in the Bank Contract. If you are looking for someone to respect, you should look at him, not Nakamura. He says he is the future and John will be the past.

John calls Baron a skinny fat dumpster fire. The crowd chants ‘dumpster fire’. John tells Baron if he wants to dance, he can sashay down here and he will put Baron through another table. Baron walks towards the ring but he says, why would he do it because he has the briefcase. Baron says he does what he wants, when he wants. Baron says that John has nothing he wants or nothing he needs. He does not have to beat John Cena so John can keep his respect. Baron says John is not worth his time.


Daniel Bryan comes out as Baron gets ready to go to the back. Daniel says it is great to be in Toronto. Daniel says he does not know if Baron is a dumpster fire, and John says he is. He does not know if Baron is the future because he does not have a crystal ball. Daniel says since Baron is not dressed to fight tonight, he will face John Cena at SummerSlam.

The Usos make their way in the back as we go to commercial.

Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso vs. Tye Dillinger versus Sami Zayn

Jimmy and Dillinger start things off and Jimmy with a shoulder tackle but Dillinger wtih an elbow. Dillinger punches Jimmy in the corner. Zayn tags in and Jey pulls Jimmy out of the way to avoid a Helluva Kick.

We go to split screen and Jimmy teases getting back in the ring but Jey makes the tag. Jey with punches to Zayn followed by a head butt. Zayn springboards over Jey and hits a head scissors that forces Jey to the floor. Jey has a kick blocked but Jey hits a dragon whip and gets a near fall. Jimmy tags in and Jey with a shoulder in the corner followed by a running forearm by Jimmy. Jimmy with an uppercut and a reverse chin lock.

Zayn with a punch as we return to full screen coverage. Jimmy with an Irish whip but he misses a splash into the corner. Jey tags in and Zayn is stopped from making the tag for a moment. Dillinger tags in and punches Jimmy and Jey. Dillinger with a clothesline and kick to Jey. Dillinger with kicks and he pulls down the knee pad and Jey goes to the floor. Dillinger goes for a suicide dive but Jey punches Dillinger. Zayn with a plancha over Dillinger onto Jimmy and Jey. Zayn sends Jey back into the ring and Dillinger with a sit out spinebuster for a near fall. Jimmy super kicks Zayn on the floor. Dillinger goes up top but Jey punches Tye. Tye stops Jimmy and Jey but Jimmy tags in. Tye goes for the Tye Breaker but Jimmy stops him and then Jimmy with Tequila Sunrise and Tye taps out.

Winners: Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso

After the match, Jey wants to know where the New Day is at. Jimmy says at SummerSlam, you are going to be looking at your new Smackdown Tag Team Champions.

Big E interrupts with the New Day introduction. Big E comes out to the stage to distract the Usos while Kofi and Xavier attack Jimmy and Jey from behind. They send Jey into the ring post and then Woods gets chairs while Big E and Kofi attack Jimmy. Jey makes the save for Jimmy and they head up the ramp to the stage.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Renee Young is with Randy Orton. She asks him about Rusev. He says Rusev was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He went to the ring to give Rusev something to be afraid of. Renee asks Randy about his match against Jinder Mahal. Jinder has done everything in his power to escape with the WWE title and he has succeeded. Without the Singhs by his side, he won’t escape.

We go to Fashion Peaks.

Tyler talks about his dream and he says the Ascension were in it. Konnor asks to have some pie. Tyler explains what happened in his dream and he needs to crack the code. Tyler asks Konnor and Viktor if they want to know who took Fandango and they say they only wanted pie. Tyler asks the photo of Fandango where is he.

Tyler turns around and it is Fandango with a tie around his head. Tyler wonders if it will take 18 episodes to find things out. Fandango takes a sip of the coffee and he says it was aliens. Tyler asks why didn’t he escape and Fandango says anal probes, but he meant wardrobe. They allowed Fandango to look into the future. Fandango says the next person into the room destroyed Tully. Arn Anderson enters and he asks where catering is. Tyler wants to know if Arn destroyed Tully . . . Tully the horse. Arn says he did it because they should have called the horse Arn since he was the hoss of the group. Arn takes some doughnuts and leaves the room.

We are told it will be continued.

Charlotte Flair vs. Lana

Lana with a waist lock and Charlotte with a hip lock take down. Charlotte blocks a kick and Lana begs for mercy and then tries to slap Charlotte and fails. Charlotte with a drop toe hold and chops. Lana goes for a sunset flip but Charlotte does not go over. Charlotte sends Lana into the turnbuckles. Charlotte misses a boot into the corner. Lana with a side head lock and Lana blocks a hip toss. Lana goes for a back slide but Charlotte blocks it. Charlotte with a back slide of her own for a near fall. Lana slaps Charlotte but Charlotte with a boot to Lana and she goes for the figure four and Charlotte bridges and Lana taps out.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

Shane McMahon walks in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and Shane McMahon comes out and he does the Shane-O Shuffle on the stage as he makes his way to the ring where he does the Shane-O Shuffle again. Shane mentions the US title match last week and how he was added to the match at SummerSlam as the guest referee. Shane brings out Kevin Owens first and then he brings out AJ Styles. Kevin and AJ argue over who the crowd is cheering for more of the two. Shane says he wanted them to come out so they could clear the air. Kevin had some apprehension about Shane being the referee. Shane says Kevin said that he did not think Shane could be impartial.

Kevin says what he said last week was in the heat of the moment. Kevin says he wants to apologize for what happened last week. Kevin says he has been thinking. He is not worried about Shane screwing him over. We have already had a McMahon screw over a legendary Canadian for a title before. Kevin says HE deserved it. Kevin says he doesn’t deserve it. It would be really terrible PR if Shane did the same to another legendary Canadian. Kevin says he is worried about AJ.

Kevin asks how can Shane be unbiased for what AJ did to him a few months ago. We take a look at AJ attacking Shane before Wrestlemania on an episode of Smackdown. AJ says that will be the first to admit when Daniel made Shane the guest referee at SummerSlam. He says officiating hasn’t been great. AJ says we all see what is happening. He says that Kevin is trying to stir the pot like a master manipulator. AJ says it isn’t working. AJ says if Shane screws him, he will have to face the repercussions like he did at Wrestlemania. AJ tells Shane he does not trust anyone, let alone a McMahon.

Shane says AJ is confusing him with other McMahons. Kevin says he is not sure if Shane is right. Shane has been a guest referee at SummerSlam before. Kevin says he has been doing his research and he says this could happen. We see footage from the 1998 Survivor Series when Shane screwed over Steve Austin. Kevin says it is amazing you can find on the WWE Network. Kevin says you can see hours of footage of Shane screwing people over as a referee. You could have a collection of footage of that. Shane says that there is no secret that he does not get along with Kevin. He says he has been through a war with AJ. He will call it right down the middle unless he has to get involved. Shane tells them not to give him a reason to get involved.

AJ says make it easy for everyone. Kevin wasn’t pinned last week, so let’s get rid of Shane and not wait until SummerSlam and do this right here, right now for the United States Championship. Kevin says that sounds great, but he would rather win the United States Title in the United States in a city that really matters. AJ says what matters is that this is as close as you are going to get to the United States Title. Kevin and AJ push each other. Kevin punches AJ while Shane is in the middle. AJ with a Pele Kick to Shane and Kevin leaves the ring and bows for AJ and Shane.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Lana is in the locker room and Tamina enters and says that Tamina is here to gloat.

Tamina asks Lana how did the match go. Lana says she lost and failed. Tamina asks Lana if she was more ravishing. She says Lana will never wrestle like Tamina.Lana says Tamina will not be as ravishing as her. Tamina says it was not her wrestling that got her three title matches, it was her ambition. Now Lana is going to help her.

Carmella vs. Naomi in a Non Title Match

They lock up and Carmella with a kick and she slaps Naomi. Naomi with an enzuigiri. Naomi with a sliding slap to the face and Carmella goes to the floor.

We go to split screen and Naomi goes to the floor and she hits Carmella with a forearm and they return to the ring. Naomi with a shoulder and she kicks Carmella in the leg. Carmella blocks a kick and takes Naomi down with a back heel trip. Carmella sends Naomi into the turnbuckles. Carmella kicks Naomi in the corner. Carmella moonwalks and hits a bronco buster. Carmella gets a near fall. Carmella chokes Naomi in the ropes. Carmella with elbows to the neck and a reverse chin lock. Carmella keeps Naomi on the mat when Naomi tries to get back to her feet. Naomi gets Carmella on her back and back to her feet. Carmella with an Edge-o-Matic for a near fall. Naomi with a back breaker and both women are down. Naomi kicks Carmella away and then hits a few flying back elbows and a flying clothesline. Naomi with the Speedball kicks followed by a sit out jaw breaker. Naomi is sent to the apron but she hits a round kick on Carmella.

Naomi goes up top and Carmella crotches her. Carmella goes for a handstancanrana but Naomi blocks it. Carmella tries to pull Naomi by the hair but the referee stops her. James Ellsworth appears from under the ring and she pushes Naomi off. Carmella with a thrust kick for the three count.

Winner: Carmella

We are back and Carmella and James walk in the back. They stop next to Natalya. Natalya says it is so good to see her because her chinless turtle freak of a friend is back for one night and he sticks his nose in her business. Natalya says that they better not stick their nose in her business. She says if they get involved, she will make Carmella’s chin look like Ellsworth’s.

James wishes Natalya luck at SummerSlam and they walk away.

We go to an interview that Renee Young conducted with Shinsuke Nakamura. Renee asks Nakamura about his debut on Smackdown and he says he wanted to be in WWE his entire career and he wanted to compete with the best in the world. First in NXT and now on Smackdown. Renee asks about facing John Cena last week. Nakamura says that for the last decade, Cena has been the measuring stick in the WWE. Cena is that guy. Nakamura says he beat Cena. He cannot describe what it was like to stand in the ring with John Cena. Renee asks Nakamura about facing Jinder Mahal at SummerSlam. He says it is more than an opportunity, it is his destiny. Last week, he beat John Cena. Tonight, he watches the Maharaja. At SummerSlam, the Nakamura Dynasty begins.

Jinder Mahal versus Randy Orton in a Non Title Match
They both start off with punches but Mahal with a knee and punches. Orton with a kick and punches. Orton with a Thesz Press and he punches Mahal. Jinder goes to the floor and Orton follows and punches Mahal and sends him into the ringside barrier. Orton with a backdrop driver onto the ringside barrier and they return to the ring for a moment. Orton with a clothesline on the floor followed by another back drop driver onto the announce table. Orton adjusts the announce table and Mahal returns to the ring.

Mahal with kicks but he misses a clothesline. Orton clotheslines Mahal over the top rope to the floor. Orton sends Mahal over the announce table and then he slams Mahal’s head onto the announce table. Orton goes for an RKO through the table, but Mahal pushes Orton off and he goes into Yeatonville as we go to commercial.

We are back and Mahal kicks Orton. Mahal with knees to the back and he applies a rear chin lock. Orton punches Mahal and connects with a head butt. Mahal with an Irish whip but Orton moves and Mahal hits the ring post.

We see Nakamura watching on the monitor in the back.

Mahal goes to the apron and Orton kicks Mahal a few times. Orton drops Mahal’s arm onto the top rope. Orton sets for a superplex and he hits it. Orton gets a near fall. Orton with punches to Mahal. Orton with two clotheslines and he hits a fallaway slam. Orton with punches but Mahal drops Orton on the turnbuckles. Orton with a power slam for a near fall. Orton kicks Mahal. Orton with a side head lock and elbow to Mahal. Mahal with a Harley Race knee and he gets a near fall.

Mahal sets for the Khallas but Orton with elbows. Orton sends Mahal to the apron and Orton with the IEDDT Orton looks around and sets for the RKO but Mahal with a rollup for a near fall. Mahal with a kick and Orton goes down. Orton counters a Khallas into the RKO for the three count.

Winner: Randy Orton

We go to credits with Rusev hitting Orton with a jumping thrust kick.

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