Five Times John Cena Put Superstars Over

CM Punk

2011 was an awesome time to be a wrestling fan. The ‘Summer of Punk’ as it was titled, gave us what is, arguably, the finest storyline of this generation. CM Punk, disillusioned by the company he was working for, dropped his infamous ‘pipe-bomb’ promo on an episode of Monday Night Raw, running his mouth about everything wrong with the WWE before having his mic cut off as the show come to an abrupt close.

Punk then challenged John Cena, the man who he saw as the face of the company, to a match for Cena’s WWE title at Money in the Bank, claiming that if he won, he was going to leave the company with the belt and never come back. The storyline changed the company forever, merging kayfabe with reality and changing the way fans viewed the product from then on in.

Cena and Punk played their roles expertly, and when the two met in the ring at Money in the Bank, in Punk’s hometown of Chicago, no less, the end result was one of the finest WWE matches of the 21st century. The two men tore the roof off, giving fans a ridiculosly exciting match that saw Punk beat Cena clean in the middle of the ring and proceed to escape through the crowd with the WWE title.

While WWE went on to completely ruin the storyline one month later, this match was something special and Cena made Punk into a bonafide star that night, it’s just a shame things had to end the way they did between Punk and the WWE.