Ever since American Alpha split a few weeks ago, both members have interesting futures ahead of them. It seems Jason Jordan will be the next Intercontinental Champion. He’s also Kurt Angle son. Cool for him. But what about his partner, Chad Gable?

Gable’s future is a bit more uncertain. It’s clear WWE has big plans for Mr Jason Jordan-Angle. I, however, also believe WWE knows what they are doing with Chad. The former Olympian has had strong showings in singles competition recently, and this can only mean good things for him. Just how good? Let’s find out.


For Now, He’ll Look Strong in Defeat


While Gable might be a great wrestler, speaking in kayfabe, tag team wrestlers usually have trouble with singles competition. Ideally, a tag team could beat two singles stars tagging together, but a singles star will beat a tag wrestler wrestling in singles action. I hope that makes sense.

For now, Gable is losing his matches. That’s okay. It’s not a big deal. What matters right now is that he looks competitive. He had strong showings against both AJ Styles and Kevin Owens. He damn near kicked Rusev’s ass.

That’s how you put someone over in defeat. Just have a really close and competitive match. It sells the idea that the guy can hang with the best of them. Right now, it looks like Gable can hang with the best of them. He can handle his own, and it wouldn’t look out of place if he won against, say Dolph Ziggler or Baron Corbin.

Expect some losses in the near future for Chad, but if you’re rooting for the guy, don’t be disheartened. Eventually, he’ll beat a big name, and then he’ll be on the path to superstardom.

Gable Is Still Young

Right now, he’s only 31. There’s a lot of time for him to be a big star. Christian won the World Heavyweight Championship when he was 38. CM Punk won the WWE Championship when he was 33. Batista won the World Heavyweight Championship when he was 36. Gable will probably still be wrestling 5 years from now.

Most people believe a wrestler’s “prime” begins when he’s around 35. If Gable is already this good at 31 years old, imagine how much better he’ll be 3 years from now. He’ll have evolved into a world-class performer. This is something I would be excited to see.

There is so much time for him to improve and hone his craft. He’s also working with some of the best wrestlers to step into a ring today. He’s already pretty good. Give it time, and he’ll be a top-tier performer.

Expect Big Things From Gable

We’ve seen just how good Gable is. His matches with Jason Jordan against the Usos helped kick off a memorable reign for the Samoan twins. His match with Kevin Owens was a fun bout. When he fought AJ Styles for a spot in the Independence Day Battle Royal, he had a memorable fight, and he looked like a beast. He just went toe-to-toe with Rusev, and he took the Bulgarian to his limits.

I firmly believe with all of my heart that Chad Gable is destined for great things. In fact, I think that he’ll fare better than Jason Jordan, despite Jordan being placed in a high-profile Angle with Angle. Jordan needs the help. Kurt can help him find his voice, his charisma. Chad doesn’t need that. He’s already shown he can be a likable character (see when he moved to Dayton, “Sami Wow Wow”). His wrestling skills are top-notch. He’s got pretty much all the tools one needs.

Will WWE “allow” him to succeed? I don’t see why not. He is one of the very few homegrown WWE talents. He honed his craft at the Performance Center. He never even had a professional wrestling match before signing with WWE (don’t quote me on that, though). All Gable really needs is that star-making feud. He needs someone who will “make” him. Once he gets that, I think he’ll head straight to the top.

Steve Carrier

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