Dinner with the King Recap – Plane Ride From Hell, Lesnar vs. Mr. Perfect, Hayes Gets A Haircut, More!

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At one point, an intoxicated Goldust began singing to his ex-wife and had to be told to stop. He then became very depressed and started chewing tobacco in the back of the plane. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a spit cup so he proceeded to spit all over this multi-million dollar plane.

Lawler mentions that one of the scariest moments on the entire flight was when Curt Hennig and Brock Lesnar got into a physical altercation. Hennig was a famous ribber, and his actions on this day got under Lesnar’s skin. Both men bounced around the plane’s cabin, even running into the exit door at one point, before the Captain came over the loudspeaker urging them to break it up. Lawler admits to being quite alarmed during that altercation.

Another memorable moment on this flight was when Ric Flair changed into one of his robes and marched up and down the aisle. Unfortunately for the flight attendants, Flair had taken off all of his clothes underneath and made sure to flash his ‘goods’ as he marched through the plane.

Perhaps the most discussed moment from this flight is when X-Pac cut off Michael Hayes’ ponytail. Lawler says that Hayes always loved his hair, and he knew that this was going to be a big problem as soon as he saw X-Pac hovering over Hayes with scissors in hand. Hayes, along with Lawler, may have been the only two sober people on the plane but Hayes made the terrible mistake of falling asleep.

When Hayes woke up and found out that his hair had been cut off, Lawler says he went absolutely ballistic. It was like the end of the World for Hayes, and he went all around the plane threatening to fight everyone but nobody cracked.

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