WWE 205 Live Results – July 1 2017

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Corey Graves and Vic Joseph welcome us to the show and preview some of tonight’s matches including Gran Metalik vs. Tony Nese, as well as our main event with Akira Tozawa and Ariya Daivari in a number one contender match.

Jack Gallagher comes out for a match against his bitter rival, the man with a plan. As Kendrick heads to the ring, he’s got a mic, calls him a clown, and says he will rid 205 Live of him. He’s going to send Jack back to the circus.

The Brian Kendrick vs. Jack Gallagher

Jack immediately drops Kendrick with punches, knees, and headbutts. Gallagher is stomping the heck out of Kendrick over and over again as Kendrick lays partly on the apron. The referee calls for the bell. Gallagher doesn’t stop though as he throws Kendrick into the barricade and the side of the ring. Kendrick dives across the barricade and heads to the back.

Winner via Disqualification: The Brian Kendrick

Backstage, Rich Swann and Mustafa Ali are playing WWE 2K17, in strolls TJ Perkins to talk to Swann. Ali exits the segment. Swann thinks TJP is always trying to be better than him, like it’s an obsession. TJP just says it’s about friendly competition, but Swann thinks it’s more than that.

Tony Nese comes out for his match against Gran Metalik, little love for either man in Cleveland.

Tony Nese vs. Gran Metalik

The bell rings and Metalik goes to work right off the bat putting Nese to the mat and then taunting his opponent with some flexing. Nese gets tossed to the outside as Metalik goes for a dive, but gets caught up on the apron. Nese off the ropes and slides under Metalik to the floor just as Metalik takes to the sky with a moonsault to the floor! What an incredible move!

Nese is able to slow things down with some strikes as he sets his opponent up on the top rope, Nese gets knocked off, Metalik with a cross body splash, goes for a pin, two-count. Metalik is holding his abdomen now from Nese’s offense. Metalik walks the ropes a bit and drops the elbow. Metalik finds himself down in the corner, Nese with a big running knee to the face, pin, 1-2-3.

Winner: Tony Nese

A really solid match but sadly nobody seemed to care whatsoever. I think airing 205 Live after SmackDown really hurts it. If WWE based it in Full Sail it could actually grow a dedicated fanbase like NXT did.

Backstage, Dasha Fuentes talks with Neville and asks who he wants to see win. He responds the answer to that is obvious, Tozawa and Titus O’Neil has been a thorn in his side for quite some time and they are like an infection. Daivari is someone he barely knew existed until Daivari made the fatal error in disrespecting his King. The answer is he doesn’t “hope” anyone wins, he doesn’t care because they will lose at SummerSlam and kneel to the King of the Cruiserweights.

Out comes the two potential contender’s for Neville’s Cruiserweight Championship!

Daivari gets on the mic and tells the crowd the stakes of this match are higher than any of them can comprehend. He gives a shout out to another Iranian Olympian, saying he fights for the pride of an entire nation and at SummerSlam he will be the next Cruiserweight Champion. Tozawa asked Titus to not be ringside for this match.

Ariya Daivari Vs. Akira Tozawa

Big chops from Tozawa to start the match, crowd gets the “Ah!” chants going. Stiff strikes from Tozawa, kicks, chops, standing senton. Daivari rolls to the outside, and Tozawa hits the ropes, but Daivari jumps back in the ring and drops his opponent. Action heads out to the floor as Daivari sends Tozawa – injured shoulder first – into the ring post and then to the barricade. Daivari throws Tozawa down near the ramp and runs back into the ring, hoping for a count-out win. Tozawa runs back in and just beats the ten count. Daivari continues to focus on the shoulder, and manages to get a few boos from the crowd.

Tozawa really selling the injury as he screams in pain as the shoulder continues to get battered. Submission on Tozawa in the middle of the ring, all the momentum is in Daivari’s favor as he goes for multiple pins, but can only get two. Tozawa grounded, Daivari with a splash from the top rope and misses! Tozawa with a sudden burst of energy, spinning kicks, suplex, shining wizard, pin, two.

Up to the top rope goes Tozawa, Daivari kicks him down, frog splash by Daivari, pin, two! Big kicks sends Daivari to the apron, knocked down to the floor, Tozawa with a big suicide dive and immediately throws his opponent back in the ring. He goes up to the top and lands a massive Super Senton, goes for the pin and gets the win!

Winner: Akira Tozawa

We see Neville watching on the monitor again and he doesn’t look happy that he has to face Tozawa at SummerSlam. Tozawa celebrates after the match, including chanting with a young fan at ringside!

That’s it for this week’s show, let us know what you thought and I will see you back here next week for Monday Night Raw! Until then, safe travels.

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