Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – Nepotism in the Wrestling Business, Jarrett & Triple H Love ‘Yes Men’, Dixie Carter Getting Set Up By WWE? More!

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Russo says he recently spoke to an employee in WWE who told him that he really needs to return to the company because he could really help the company right now. This employee pointed out to Russo that he needs to play ‘the game’ better, and he can’t be going on his podcast and burying the company. Russo says that he didn’t kiss Vince McMahon’s ass while he worked for him, so he’s certainly not going to do it now when he’s not working for him.

Russo points out that one of the biggest examples of nepotism in the business is when Hulk Hogan demanded that Eric Bischoff be brought into TNA with him in the mid-2000’s. Russo says that Hogan and Bischoff worked the ‘mark’ (Dixie Carter), and those two people ultimately destroyed that company financially.

More recently, Jeff Jarrett was brought back into the fold in TNA (now GFW), and within the first few weeks he brought back all of his old friends and formed his own crew. Russo says that he knows all the people that Jarrett brought back, and they’re all ‘yes men’. The reason Russo wasn’t asked to return is because Jarrett doesn’t want to be challenged, and Russo would have challenged him.

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