Why John Cena Must Not Beat Jinder Mahal at Summerslam


So What Now?

That means there are two outcomes at Summerslam that I would prefer. Either Jinder retains, or Nakamura beats him. While I don’t want the Jinder Reign of Terror to continue, Cena can’t end it. Nakamura can. Heck, have Corbin cash in before the match starts or something. I dunno. Anyone but Cena.

I’ve read that people want Nakamura to win and become champion. Either at Summerslam or some other event, Corbin cashes in. This continues the Corbin – Nakamura feud, and Nakamura will regain the belt before Wrestlemania, where he can face AJ Styles for the title. That sounds cool. Heck, Cena can face Nakamura at Wrestlemania to nab his 17th World Championship.

The point is, Summerslam is way too early to crown Big Match John as the WWE Champion. At the expense of a record breaking win, I would prefer that Jinder “Modern Day ‘Hardbody’ Maharajah” Mahal remain the WWE Champion.

Now let me repeat all of that in my language of PUNJABI

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