Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – RAW Analysis, Graves Disrespecting Booker T, 205 Isn’t Wrestling, More!

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Russo is joined on today’s show by his co-host Jeff Lane.

Former ECW & Impact Superstar Simon Diamond makes a quick call into the show. Diamond says he was excited by the fact that WWE put Bray Wyatt over Seth Rollins at Great Balls of Fire, and again the next night on RAW putting some legit, old school heat on Bray Wyatt.

However after Wyatt’s win on RAW, the  lights went out, The Miz and his crew stormed the ring to attack Rollins and then Ambrose came down with a chair so by that point nobody remembered Wyatt’s win anyways. He thought this was a terrible decision, just as it looked like WWE was going to get something right.

Russo agrees entirely and says the other side of the coin isn’t much better, because WWE beat one of their biggest babyfaces (Rollins) two nights in a row without allowing him to get a receipt. Russo can’t imagine having to explain to Hulk Hogan that he was going to lose clean two straight times to a heel without getting any receipt at all.

Russo says that until WWE learns how to build and format a show, they’re only going to appeal to a niche fanbase. He couldn’t believe that they put all of their top stars in the opening segment of RAW this week, effectively eliminating them from the rest of the 3-hour show. He says that this is because Vince McMahon is a wreslting booker and not a television writer.

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